Has anyone who is voting for Hilary Clinton ever really done their research on her and Bills history

Has anyone who is voting for Hilary Clinton ever really done their research on her and Bills history. There are an awful lot of dead people who just coincidentally were murdered because they either were about to testify and had incriminating information regarding Whitewater, Iran-Contra, affairs, or The fortune they earned by taking a portion of the drugs that flew in and out of Mena, Arkansas when Bill was Governor.
I didn’t know until I researched that the Clinton’s and Bush family’s are tight. They often vacation together. Barbara Bush was quoted as saying “I love Bill he’s like a son to me!”
Hillary’s into “The New World Order I’m sorry I see right thru the con. But vote for her and when she’s encouraging a World Bank that confiscate and outlaws U.S. Currency. She will finally achieve her goal, under the sick tutelage of David Rockefeller, and you will then be given a chip instead.
It’s okay though it’s got everything of yours on it, pictures, address, social, childrens gps 24/7 and all of your finances. Now the corporations and 1% can just take $30,000 out of your savings account because they say you owe it. It’s not true so you call the franchise tax board or IRS and complain. Well they don’t allow dissent so they just turn off your chip. Oh by the way your chip starts your car and allows you entry to your residence.
Now you may think I’m an ass hole or annoying for talking about this. But that’s how I feel about people that vote for her without really digging into her past. She’s a monster and she’s dangerous to my friends, family, and my son’s future. So I educate myself out of concern for people. Look at the candidates, it’s a joke. Politics doesn’t lure the best and brightest. Educated, intelligent ethical people would never lower themselves to be a politician….Or here’s another way to look at it….Hillary’s a Hollywood Agent, now would you trust her?
Also, doesn’t that creepy Marco Rubio reminds mr of Martin Sheen from “The Dead Zone”? He’s a pathaloid………pathological mongaloid.