Please read the blurb below written by former student

Please read the blurb below written by former student, and current co-op member, teacher and hero Penelope Uribe- Abee about the Echo Park Film Center’s Youth Film Screening this Sunday afternoon. The feature length 16mm doc investigates the corner of Sunset and Alvarado. It’s going to be SO GOOD. Free at the Bootleg Theater:
hey beautiful people,
in light of recent events pertaining to gentrification , and the intersections that art has within the context of this plague of urban renewal–I am letting you all know about an amazing event that is coming up! The youth at the echo park film center have spent the last 12 weeks on a feature length film shot on both 16mm and film about Sunset and Alvarado, and the changes the intersection has seen.

Warner Music Group & MQA Enter Long

Warner Music Group & MQA Enter Long-Term Licensing Deal:
This is the first major record label coming on board. What’s the fuss about? Well if you have the stamina to read the the next article you’ll get a good idea.
At one point it talks about a Sinatra track he reviewed. Sylvia and I have heard that track in MQA and agree entirely with the reviewer’s comments. We were privileged to have a preview of the technology last Christmas on our home hi-fi system, and we were blown away by it.
I for one will be very willing to pay a premium to access studio quality material in a home environment. I’ve long since been unable to listen to CDs for more than an hour – it gets very tiring because the sound is like nothing you hear naturally. As a lover of good music I hope that this becomes a commercial success after the false starts with SACD, DVD-Audio, and Blue-ray Audio formats.…/6a10f3ba2385770ac…