To donate to help Samantha Morris fight cancer

To donate to help Samantha Morris fight cancer, visit
Ten years ago I took UCB Improv 101 taught by Julie Brister. I met a lot of good people in that class including one of my best friends, Samantha Morris. This past Thanksgiving, Sam was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. We knew that meant never-go-away, maybe terminal, and we also hoped we had a good amount of time and that newer advancements in cancer treatments might change her prognosis.
In February, Sam and her two cats, Doc and Peanut, moved in with me and my dog, Rose. We’ve had all sorts of times since then. Sam remains one of the most loyal, funny, smart, generous, beautiful and bull-headed people I know. She is fighting this cancer hard with heaps and heaps of grace and in doing so, teaches me about love and gratitude every day. She loves her friends fully and fiercely and she is as close to a sister as I will get.
Since the other treatments we tried stopped working, one after the other, she is now being treated with an immunotherapy drug called Opdivo. It’s the last option she has and its success rate is 20%. We are still hopeful and also trying to be realistic.
I was originally making this video to raise money for her with lots of hope for world travel and horse riding adventures and stacks of chocolate croissants for whenever she wanted them, and I still do intend all those things for her, but the reality is, she needs the money more urgently for further medical care and other life expenses. She’s been in the hospital the last two weeks with complications due to the cancer spreading to her abdomen, and she comes home soon. We’re looking at different necessities now.
I hope you will spare what you can and I hope you will share the crowdfunding page.
If you know Sam, you know she is a sparkly, precious thing worth all our love.
To donate to help Samantha Morris fight cancer, visit

#takemywife has gotten another blurb in the NY Times

#takemywife has gotten another blurb in the NY Times. I don’t know how many times it’s cool to post about a show you worked for but I hope you watch it because it was the kind of show where @djziggyzeke didn’t get a trailer, it was so low budget, and so he took naps between the costume racks and we didn’t have enough money for lights for exterior night shots so @filmandy and @alienrubinfeld and their crews rushed out and bought a ton of Christmas lights to hang all over trees. We were scrappy and every person who worked on it gave so much heart except that creepy grip with the ponytail and harem pants. I’m proud of that.