I didn’t take many pictures on my phone today because I had THIS camera

I didn’t take many pictures on my phone today because I had THIS camera. But it was gorgeous and alive and truly just the beginning of a movement and resistance of which I am proud to be a part. I wrote down things I heard all day. My favorites: “My way to get through a crowd? Pretend you have to vomit. I did it at that other Motley Crew concert.” And “Revolution lives in the difficult space between our reality and our vision.” I forget which quote came from Janet Mock but does it matter? So glad to march with Kulap Vilaysack, Celia Finkelstein and Maureen McGarry. by @celiafink


THIS TUESDAY, 1/17 at 8PM at Echo Park Film Center, I am excited to co-host the premiere of a monthly screening with awesome person and artist Stacy Elaine Dacheux — We’re calling it I PRESENT TWO. Each month, an artist/filmmaker shows a new piece and presents two other works by artist/filmmakers that must be seen! Then, in the next month, one of those artists will present two other works and so on and so on. We hope to start a wonderful and ongoing conversation between the film center, the artists we admire, and our community. Stacy’s film BACK TO ABSTRACTION, will be screened with THE BAD HALF by Duncan Birmingham (IFC’s Maron, Sundance) and WE THE MASSES by Robyn O’Neil (Herzog’s Rogue Film School, Whitney Biennial). Conversation with the filmmakers will follow.
Stacy wrote a lovely essay about the event and its participants here: https://revisingloneliness.com/…/i-present-two-at-echo-par…/
EPFC asks a $5 donation at the door and all proceeds go right back into the work the center does. More info at www.echoparkfilmcenter.org

My boyfriend just punched me

My boyfriend just punched me… In his sleep of course it was an accident he would never lay a hand on me in any other way than loving but it is wrong that I kinda wanted to punch him back? Though to be fair the other day he said I elbow him all the time… But he punched my tit and it hurt… So would it be wrong if i punched his junk “accidentally”?