I started writing book #32 today

I started writing book #32 today, The Shade Amulet. Got in 13,400 words. Happy sigh. I have to have it finished by Saturday. Six days does not give me a lot of time to write! So glad I’m dictating now – it wouldn’t be possible otherwise.
In other news, my brain MRI went well – results came back as normal. Thank goodness! And thank you soooo much for your prayers and thoughts. They definitely helped.


A balanced solar plexus chakra manifests as feelings of confidence, inner harmony, self acceptance, spontaneity, self respect, responsibility and ability to meet challenges with grace and ease.
A deficient solar plexus chakra manifests as low self esteem, poor digestion, lack of self discipline, victim mentality, fearfulness and passivity.
An excessive solar plexus manifests as overly aggressive, controlling, manipulative, competitive, stubbornness, arrogance and power hungry.
One of the best ways to find balance is by building strength in your core, specifically strengthening your deepest layer of abdominals, the TA.
You can use breath work (from kundalini fire breath or simple TA activation breath), meditative mantras and pilates exercises to engage and balance this super powerful energy center.
In my free audio series, Body Intuition – A Masterclass on Embodying Fierce Femininity, I teach you how to connect to your TA through break work… as well as guide you through a meditation on creating higher self worth.
Have you downloaded the free audio series yet? If so, I’d love to hear how you’re incorporating the practices you’ve learned!
If you haven’t downloaded it yet, sign up for free here: http://bit.ly/2iNCTup ✨✌


This is Cleo. She was a starving stray puppy with a big personality, and my husband and I fell in love with her instantly. We sent her for an in-home stay at a local trainer’s house to work on doggy socialization and manners — but we never got to pick her up.
Cleo and her new brother, our other dog Grayson, were left unsupervised in a poorly secured outdoor area at the trainer’s house. While the trainer wasn’t paying attention, the dogs got loose. Cleo ran to the highway where she was hit by a car and killed.
Grayson was lost for a while, but limped back with a hurt leg and some cuts. We’re so happy to have him home and safe again.
The trainer we foolishly trusted with our pups was Tristan Jolivette, who does business under the name T’s Dogs out of Willard, MO. He teaches group classes and does private training throughout SW MO.
Mr. Jolivette is married to a professor at Missouri State University. We know many people in the MSU community recommend Mr. Jolivette’s services to their friends with dogs. Our MSU friends recommended him to us.
Cleo was such a sweet and loving puppy. She deserved to have the very best forever home. We’re so sorry we let her down.
Please share — we don’t want anyone else to lose their precious pup to Mr. Jolivette’s negligence. We don’t want anyone else to have to feel the way we feel right now.

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,
Rage is a gateway drug. Be on the lookout.
It often begins with the prescription drugs Passion and Activism. Misused, those can lead to the highly-addictive Outrage. Often the Outrage addict becomes hooked on the street drug Blind Outrage.
At some point, nearly everyone dabbles in Rage.
Rage is often peddled to those who responsibly use Passion and Activism. Sadly, when not careful, one taste of Rage can be the beginning of tragic spiral.
Outrage and Blind Outrage blur discernment, eventually blunting the brain to the point where everything must be organized into “Good” or “Bad” with no spectrum in between. Often this is accompanied by an inability to identify “bad” within that which the addict has identified as “good” or vice versa.
Outrage can cause forgetfulness, for example erasing the memory that persuasion, tenacity and calm persistence generate the outcome an Outrage addict claims to seek.
The Outrage addict eventually loses the ability to communicate or comprehend all but very simple concepts.
Formerly, Outrage addicts were seen on sidewalks, in streets, sometimes in churches and often in political venues.
With the alarming growth of Outrage addiction, addicts can now be found wandering around social media communities, shouting unintelligible epithets at random times toward strangers and passersby.
Tragically, Outrage addicts become alienated from family and friends. Their addiction becomes so strong that nothing will satiate them other than increasingly strong hits of Outrage.
Eventually, the Outrage addict becomes a pathetic, socially-emaciated shell, their outbursts ignored as the crowd passes by, clucking at the tragic figure.
Don’t throw your life away on Outrage. If someone offers you Rage, say “no thank you” and move on.
With warm regards,
A Concerned Citizen

Gary visits my mother on a regular basis and I really do appreciate it

Gary visits my mother on a regular basis and I really do appreciate it. My mom, who lives alone will be 81 this year and mobility is an issue. I’m incredibly grateful for the great work this program does and the relationships that are built with their clients. Far too often seniors (like my mother) don’t want to worry or bother anyone when things don’t feel just right. But because of those relationships Gary speaks of and his role in the health care system my mother doesn’t hesitate to talk to him about what ails her and she trusts the advice he gives her. Out of her three sons I am the only one still living here in Sudbury and i visit and help out as often as I can. Although I try I can’t always be there when she needs me but its nice to know when it comes to her health she has an alternative option that is second to none.
Thank you for all your great work!

You deserve

You deserve… to be able to use exercise as a way to power a purpose filled life. To feel like you’re moving better, effortlessly. To feel joyful and intentional in your workouts. To feel nourished, not shameful, about giving yourself rest and recovery time. To feel connected to your feminine essence and fully embodied in your sensuality. To feel empowered from deep within your core. To feel worthy enough as you are, right now.
And because I so badly wish for you to feel this way, I put together a little present filled with a few tools to guide you.
It’s called… Body Intuition – A Masterclass on Embodying Fierce Femininity. <3 If you're... ▹ Ready to leave behind your conditioned behaviors around movement (obsession or aversion). ▹ Sick of regimented gym routines and never feeling enough. ▹ Craving a more holistic, soulful approach to fitness. ▹ Wanting to awaken your intuition and embody your most inspired-self... Then the Body Intuition Masterclass is right up your alley (think action oriented tools and guided meditations that you can listen to on-the-go to bring you more body awareness, a stronger core and deeper self love). You have until February 12th to download this audio series for free! Register and download The Body Intuition Masterclass here: http://bit.ly/2iNCTup <3

Every woman possesses the gift of body intuition

Every woman possesses the gift of body intuition.
But sometimes we feel creatively, emotionally and spiritually stuck.
Can you relate?
When we learn to tap into and trust our inner wisdom, we can fully embody fierce femininity.
If you’re…
▹ Ready to leave behind your conditioned behaviors around movement (obsession or aversion).
▹ Sick of regimented gym routines and never feeling enough.
▹ Craving a more holistic, soulful approach to fitness.
I’ve got your back, babe. I’ve been there too.
I’m here to help you access your body intuition so you can feel a stronger sense of ease, empowerment and joy through movement that reflects back in your everyday life.
I created a special gift just for you… The Body Intuition Masterclass. An audio series designed to help you embody fierce femininity.
In this free 4-part master class audio series, I’ll guide you on how to use mindful movement to become the feminine, bold and confident woman you were designed to be.
The wisdom, principles and techniques contained in this masterclass are content that I use exclusively with my highest paying clients to bring them deeper body awareness and trust.
You’ll learn 4 key techniques to help you…
▸ Awaken your intuition.
▸ Evolve your exercise patterns.
▸ Embody your most inspired self.
▸ Upgrade your body beliefs.
So you can finally and fully embrace a knowing that
you are enough… today, right now.
Register and download The Body Intuition Masterclass for free here: http://bit.ly/2iNCTup

Excited to share: The very first anonymous TED talks

Excited to share: The very first anonymous TED talks – in a new audio series that went live on Audible today. Deron Triff originated the series and I host (My first time officially behind the mic). I’d recommend the first talk: “Rescued by Ritual” to anyone. I think you’ll be surprised and moved by it. You might find yourself wishing you could just pop over to the speaker’s house for tea. And I have to say: I was so moved and inspired by these anonymous speakers … seemingly ordinary people with extraordinary perspectives on life. Their generosity amazes me. (They won’t get love letters and job offers in their InBoxes today. Just the satisfaction of knowing that their talks are helping people …)
I’m so grateful to these speakers and also to the team. Producer extraordinaire Collin Campbell came on board from Audible to join Deron Triff as Executive Producers. Cloe Shasha and Kelly Stoetzel came on board from TED. TED Speaker coaches Michael Weitz, Abigail Tenembaum, Briar Goldberg, Beth Novogratz and Rives stepped in to accompany these speakers on their journey to the microphone. Emily McManus, Nishat Ruiter, Mike Femia & Barb Allen from TED all gave so generously to help the program take off. At Audible, we were supported by Amy Eason’s producing and Alex Trajano’s sound design. Hays and Ryan Holladay composed the original music. Vanessa Harris guided our communications. And, as always, Eric Nuzum from Audible and Chris Anderson from TED brought their expert creative leadership. Thank you all!
And… I hope you like it.