Len Update: Len had an excellent day at rehab yesterday

Len Update: Len had an excellent day at rehab yesterday. He was supposed to have a surgical procedure on his toe which was postponed until today. The current estimate for his release from rehab is mid-April (in time for Janis Ian and Bill Prady coming over for Easter dinner), but they will be doing another evaluation tomorrow. While he won’t be running marathons in two weeks, I expect he will be able to walk from the car to the house and climb the two steps he needs to get up to get to his office and finish the deadlines he’s got waiting.
If you have sent him any emails which need prompt attention, I have found his email to be a disgusting mess. He has not learned that he should have a separate account for every freaking notice he gets from THR, FB, on-line stores, etc. I certainly apologize for not being able to get back to everyone, but I am sure you understand.
If you have anything to do with SDCC, Len did not get a professional badge sign-up notice and today I found out his member status needs professional verification. This is after he’s been assured he never has to do this again because he is a permanent member of the convention, an Inkpot winner, and an Eisner Hall of Fame honoree. (Left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, I am sure.) I’ve sent a notice to Comic-con, but got an auto response about how long it is taking to get back to complaints. We could wait until we get there in July, but then people don’t know he’s planning on attending and don’t bother getting in touch with him for panels. Thanks for any help on this.–Christine Valada

It has been a while since we visited the Olympic National Forest and the small break in our rain today urged us out

It has been a while since we visited the Olympic National Forest and the small break in our rain today urged us out. Instead of traveling the entire Olympic Peninsula, we took the Hood Canal Bridge and headed west toward Lake Crescent. On the way, we stopped at the Elwha River Valley. The Elwha River was rushing wildly, and the meadows were abloom with Snowdrops. It was a sweet visit that stopped soon with the closure of the ongoing road.
Heading to Lake Crescent, we had a soft rain with intermittent sun breaks. The lake was a canvas painted with shades of blue and aqua. In the distance, The Storm King mountain was crisp in the sky. Waterfalls along the lake road were so melodious that we had to leave our window down, though it was softly raining.
Thank you all for coming along to the Olympic National Forest. Some day, take this drive. You will not regret it. Once seen, you will long to return.

Went down to Oakville and back yesterday to spend some time with my great friend Keith

Went down to Oakville and back yesterday to spend some time with my great friend Keith. He is just a few years older than I and suffers from Parkinsons. He doesn’t drive anymore, work or go out of the house on his own. Continues to have a great sense of humor and an outlook on life that has taught me a lot. I’m incredibly fortunate at what I have in my life and spending time with him puts many things in perspective regarding what is important. Rick and I took him out for the afternoon and had a great lunch and we reminisced about many great times. I look forward to many more buddy. Thanks for a wonderful day.

Tonight at the United Way Achievement Awards i sat and listened to a partnership between the United Way and the Sudbury Wolves which is simply called Wolves United

Tonight at the United Way Achievement Awards i sat and listened to a partnership between the United Way and the Sudbury Wolves which is simply called Wolves United. Dario Zulich owner of the Wolves has joined forces with Michael Cullen ED at the UW to help our youth here in Greater Sudbury. I applaud Dario’s commitment to the Wolves, our community and most importantly to our youth. He sees the potential that these youngsters have. As a Board Member at UW I thank you Dario for stepping forward in an effort to help our youth because anyone who has been to a Wolves game can agree, what youngster doesn’t look up to our OHL players or even Howler for that matter. Bravo!

For the last 2 days I’ve been driving around Mississippi

For the last 2 days I’ve been driving around Mississippi, visiting high schools for Katy Simpson Smith’s Write For Mississippi Program. This spring she sent 40 writers to lead 55 writing workshops in 35 counties. It’s like a Writers in the Schools (WITS) program, but we’re all older and there’s a clear purpose: What Can We Do for Our Country? We brainstorm about big and small problems like bullying, racism, or just being scared — of the dark, of snakes, of Scooby-doo, of being alone. We talk about dying towns and dying parents. We talk about too many drugs, too much food, and too much anger. We share our tellable secrets, and we talk about how to write personal secrets. If the students at high schools like the ones I visited in Raleigh and in Greene County write what we talked about, this is going to be an incredible project and anthology. Are you a public high school English teacher or a Mississippi writer who wants to get involved? Do you have ideas for future Write for Mississippi projects? Drop Katy a line!

Write for Mississippi

I’ve been using this marvelous poem to get started:
My Grandmother Washes Her Feet in the Sink of the Bathroom at Sears
My grandmother puts her feet in the sink
of the bathroom at Sears
to wash them in the ritual washing for prayer,
because she has to pray in the store or miss
the mandatory prayer time for Muslims
She does it with great poise, balancing
herself with one plump matronly arm
against the automated hot-air hand dryer,
after having removed her support knee-highs
and laid them aside, folded in thirds,
and given me her purse and her packages to hold
so she can accomplish this august ritual
and get back to the ritual of shopping for housewares
Respectable Sears matrons shake their heads and frown
as they notice what my grandmother is doing,
an affront to American porcelain,
a contamination of American Standards
by something foreign and unhygienic
requiring civic action and possible use of disinfectant spray
They fluster about and flutter their hands and I can see
a clash of civilizations brewing in the Sears bathroom
My grandmother, though she speaks no English,
catches their meaning and her look in the mirror says,
I have washed my feet over Iznik tile in Istanbul
with water from the world’s ancient irrigation systems
I have washed my feet in the bathhouses of Damascus
over painted bowls imported from China
among the best families of Aleppo
And if you Americans knew anything
about civilization and cleanliness,
you’d make wider washbins, anyway
My grandmother knows one culture—the right one,
as do these matrons of the Middle West. For them,
my grandmother might as well have been squatting
in the mud over a rusty tin in vaguely tropical squalor,
Mexican or Middle Eastern, it doesn’t matter which,
when she lifts her well-groomed foot and puts it over the edge.
“You can’t do that,” one of the women protests,
turning to me, “Tell her she can’t do that.”
“We wash our feet five times a day,”
my grandmother declares hotly in Arabic.
“My feet are cleaner than their sink.
Worried about their sink, are they? I
should worry about my feet!”
My grandmother nudges me, “Go on, tell them.”
Standing between the door and the mirror, I can see
at multiple angles, my grandmother and the other shoppers,
all of them decent and goodhearted women, diligent
in cleanliness, grooming, and decorum
Even now my grandmother, not to be rushed,
is delicately drying her pumps with tissues from her purse
For my grandmother always wears well-turned pumps
that match her purse, I think in case someone
from one of the best families of Aleppo
should run into her—here, in front of the Kenmore display
I smile at the midwestern women
as if my grandmother has just said something lovely about them
and shrug at my grandmother as if they
had just apologized through me
No one is fooled, but I
hold the door open for everyone
and we all emerge on the sales floor
and lose ourselves in the great common ground
of housewares on markdown.

A Fix for Broken Haloes

A Fix for Broken Haloes
I sit in the room listening to her speech, feeling each word’s impact.
Blows landing on my solar plexus, with 12 gauge kickback.
Knocking me off my emotional pedestal.
Hitting the floor hard got me seeing stars, like I’m peering at the celestial.
Verbal round house to my medulla oblongata.
The fire of anger that I perceive in her eye says “That you gotta”…
I stare at the wall just above her head spying a broken halo.
The revelations given cast a long shadow over her elegant features, as I shake my head slowly no.
From the damage of her words, there was no where to run, no place to go.
So I sat silently bathing blast of heat and flame.
Wrapping mind around the whole of her argument, whilst I tried to stay sane.
It was visceral that pain.
Her pain.
Standing up from the seated position, I paced on the horizontal plane.
I thought I was imagining, but her spoken word submerged into my soul, and there became a stain.
My mind raced switching lane to lane.
Coming to a physics halting stop.
Waiting for vision to clear up and ears to pop.
In the midst of a thought train I stand by an watch.
She hops past since passed memories, and facts.
I project that train speeding as it jumps tracks.
She says she doesn’t know how to locate that place we were at.
No, wait I do she looks at me and says.
I sink until wall touches back feet flat.
My lips moving ask the question, “What’s the hes?”
She says “Sometimes I fear you when you will the stars to cry”.
My response to all mine ears had heard, was a broken man can only be reforged by fire.

We just found out that Deinstitutionalized

We just found out that Deinstitutionalized, LLC A House Is Not A Home directed by Chris Olen Ray is nominated for BEST INDEPENDANT FEATURE for the The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!!! Vote is by email by the fans. So we humbly ask you to show this ground breaking film some voting lov! Thank you in advanced. Voting instructions are below: HOW TO VOTE: –– All voting is by e-mail only. The easiest to vote is to copy-and-paste this ballot into an e-mail, mark your choices and send your picks to, David Colton, at taraco@aol.com by Sunday night at midnight, April 16, 2017. — No, you do not have to vote in every category. Vote for all or a few. — One vote per person, please. Every e-mail must include your name to be counted. All votes are kept strictly confidential. — But please do not mass-produce ballots; suspicious ballots will be rejected at the sole discretion of Rondo organizers. Let’s keep this a fun vote! A House IS Not A Home is nominated in category #8 Best Independent Feature: 8. BEST INDEPENDENT FILM (Google film titles to find trailers or video clips) — A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME, directed by Christopher Ray. A dream home becomes a nightmare for an estranged couple. — THE BARN, directed by Justin M. Seaman. High school seniors have a final task: defeat creatures within a barn. — THE DARK TAPES, directed by Vincent J. Guastini and Michael McQuown. Four tales from the world of horror, sci-fi and the paranormal. — DREAD CENTRAL’S MONSTERLAND Seven tales in a town overrun by creatures. — HUSH, directed by Mike Flanagan. A deaf writer is stalked by a killer in the woods. — I AM THE PRETTY THING THAT LIVES IN THE HOUSE, directed by Oz Perkins. Nurse takes care of an aging author in a house of scary stories. — LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE, directed by Torin Langen, Navin Ramaswaran and Zachary Ramelan. Terror during a taping of Dr. Nasty’s Cavalcade of Horror show. — MODEL HUNGER, directed by Debbie Rochon. A rejected model takes revenge on the industry and her neighbors.- — THE MONSTER, directed by Bryan Bertino. Mother and daughter are confronted by a creature on a deserted road. — THE NIGHT OF MEDUSA, directed by Joshua Kennedy. College student is possessed by deadly Greek goddess. — THE SIMILARS (Los Parecidos), directed by Isaac Ezban. In 1968, eight passengers meet the unknown at a Mexican bus stop. — SiREN, directed by Gregg Bishop. A bachelor’s party is visited by a deadly intruder. — WERESQUITO: NAZI HUNTER, directed by Christopher M. Mihm. Captured soldier is turned into blood-seeking giant insect. — THE WINDMILL (formerly The Windmill Massacre), directed by Nick Jongerius. Tourists seek refuge in a sinister windmill once used for human sacrifices. — Or write-in another choice: additional categories are below: 1. BEST MOVIE OF 2016 — ARRIVAL — AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE — CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR — THE CONJURING 2 — DEADPOOL — DOCTOR STRANGE — DON’T BREATHE — FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM — GHOSTBUSTERS — LEGEND OF TARZAN — THE NEON DEMON — OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL — PASSENGERS — PHANTASM: RAVAGER — THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR — ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY — THE SHALLOWS — SHIN GODZILLA — SPLIT — STAR TREK BEYOND — SUICIDE SQUAD — 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE — TRAIN TO BUSAN — THE VVITCH — Or write in another choice: 2. BEST TELEVISION PRESENTATION OF 2016 — BATES MOTEL, ‘Norman,’ 5.16.16, A/E. In season finale, Norman digs up the body of Norma. ‘Mother we’re home. We’re finally together.’ — ASH VS. EVIL DEAD, ‘The Morgue,’ 10.9.16, STARZ. Ash goes where no VFX have gone before. ‘That is horrible. And also awesome.’ — BLACK MIRROR, ‘San Junipero,’ 10.21.16, NETFLIX. Time and memory have little meaning at the Quagmire. ‘I was like a frightened horse on a frozen lake back there.’ — CHANNEL ZERO, ‘A Strange Vessel,’ 11.1.16, SYFY. Clues to murders on children’s show Candle Cove lead to Paris. ‘When you think about this, it’ll just seem like some nightmare you had.’ — DOCTOR WHO, ‘The Return of Dr. Mysterio,’ 12.25.15, BBC America. Super hero Easter Eggs abound in this Christmas special. ‘I started it. They’re all based on me. Now everyone who wants to sound clever calls themselves Doctor.’ — PENNY DREADFUL, ‘A Blade of Grass,’ 5.22.16, SHOWTIME. Vanessa, in a padded cell, encounters Lucifer and demons. ‘I should have died a virgin like Joan of Arc. Did you know she sang as she burned?’ — STAN AGAINST EVIL, ‘Dig Me Up, Dig Me Down,’ 10.31.16, IFC. Can disgraced former sheriff survive a town crawling with demons? ‘Anniversary of witch trials brings mysterious screams, pie contest.’ — STRANGER THINGS, ‘The Bathtub,’ 7.15.16, NETFLIX. El uses her powers to save her friends. ‘Did you see what she did to that van?’ — THE WALKING DEAD, ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” 10.23.16 AMC. Nagen’s brutality shakes up survivors and viewers. ‘Not today. Not tomorrow. But I am gonna kill you.’ — WESTWORLD, ‘The Bicameral Mind,’ 12.4.16, HBO. Robert the park designer reveals his secret as one Host tries to leave. ‘How can you learn from your mistakes if you can’t remember them? — Or write in another choice: 3. BEST CLASSIC DVD/BLU-RAY — BLACK SLEEP (1956; Kino) — CAT PEOPLE (1942; Criterion) — CARNIVAL OF SOULS (1962; Criterion) — CARRIE (1976; Shout Factory) — CHANDU THE MAGICIAN (1932; Kino) — CIRCUS OF FEAR/FIVE GOLDEN DRAGONS (1966/1967; Blue Underground) — COUNT DRACULA’S GREAT LOVE (1974; Vinegar Syndrome) — DAUGHTER OF DRACULA (Jess Franco; 1972; Kino) — FANTOMAS (five serials from 1913-1914; Kino) — GOG 3-D (1954; Kino) — GOLD (German; 1934; Kino) — INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (1978; Shout Factory) — IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE 3-D (1953; Universal) — PHANTASM REMASTERED (1979; Well Go USA) — TENEBRAE (1982; Synapse) — THE THING COLLECTOR’S EDITION (1982; Shout Factory) — Or write-in another choice: 4. BEST BLU-RAY COLLECTION — AMERICAN HORROR PROJECT, VOL. 1 (Arrow): Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood, The Witch Who Came From the Sea, The Premonition — FRANKENSTEIN: Complete Legacy Collection (Universal Blu-Ray): Frankenstein, Bride, Son, Ghost, Meets Wolfman, House, House of Dracula, AC Meet ) — GUILLERMO DEL TORO TRILOGY (Criterion): Cronos, Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth — HAMMER HORROR 8-FILM COLLECTION (Universal): Brides of Dracula, Curse of Werewolf, Evil of Frankenstein, Phantom of Opera, Kiss of Vampire, Paranoiac, Nightmare, Night Creatures) — HELLRAISER: SCARLET BOX LIMITED EDITION TRILOGY (Arrow) Hellraiser films 1-3 — SHOCK AND GORE: The H.G. Lewis Collection (Arrow): 14 films on 17 discs. — THE VINCENT PRICE COLLECTION III (Scream Factory): Master of the World, Tower of London, Diary of a Madman, An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe, Cry of the Banshee. — Or write in another choice: 5. BEST RESTORATION OR UPGRADE — THE BLACK SLEEP (1956; Kino). The dungeons shine in high-definition. — CAT PEOPLE (1942; Criterion) New transfer, dirt and scratches removed. — CARNIVAL OF SOULS (1962; Criterion). 4K edition reveals new details and clarity. — CARRIE (1976; Shout Factory). 4K transfer shows softer scenes at their best. — CHANDU THE MAGICIAN (1932; Kino) Roxor’s death ray and slave auction never so vivid. — COUNT DRACULA’S GREAT LOVE (1974; Vinegar Syndrome). Properly matted and restored. — DESTINY (1921; Kino) Preserves German intertitles and tinting. — FANTOMAS (1913-1914; Kino) 4K transfer from original negative. — GOG 3-D (1954; Kino) 3-D restoration, also matted properly. — IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE (1953, Universal). Now offered in 3-D. — THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS (1959; Olive). High definition transfer brings out all details. — PHANTASM REMASTERED (1979; Well Go USA) 4K colors pop, scenes scrubbed of effects flubs. — SON OF FRANKENSTEIN (1939; Universal Blu-Ray) Includes almost a minute of unseen or alternate footage. — TENEBRAE (1982; Synapse) Color-corrected and digitally cleaned. — Or write-in another choice: 6. BEST COMMENTARY OF 2016 — WILLIAM PETER BLATTY with Michael Felsher: Exorcist III — STUART COHEN (co-producer), with Michael Felsher: The Thing (1982) — DAVID DEL VALLE and producer Nick Redman: Theater of Blood (Twilight Time) — STEVE HABERMAN: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) — TIM LUCAS: Destiny (1921) — GREGORY MANK: The Lodger (1944; Kino) — MAITLAND MCDONAGH: Tenebrae — DAVID SCHECTER: Discusses Lex Baxter during Tom Weaver’s commentary on Black Sleep — RICHARD HARLAND SMITH and PERRY MARTIN: Twice-Told Tales (1963; Kino) — TOM WEAVER (with Dr. Robert J. Kiss, David Schecter and Sumishta Brahm) Undying Monster (1942; Kino) — Or write-in another choice: 7. BEST DVD EXTRA — BLOOD BATH (1966; Arrow) ‘The Trouble with Titian Revisited,’ Tim Lucas compares versions of Roger Corman’s troubled production. — CAT PEOPLE (1942; Criterion) French TV interview from 1979 with director Jacques Tourneur. — CARNIVAL OF SOULS (1962; Criterion) Interview with comedian Dana Gould. — CARRIE (1976; Shout Factory) Extended interviews with Nancy Allen and other Carrie cast members. — COUNT DRACULA’S GREAT LOVE (1974; Vinegar Syndrome) Legacy interview with Paul Naschy and director Javier Aguirre. — EXORCIST III (1990; Scream Factory) ‘Legion,’ a reconstructed director’s cut of the film. — INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (1978; Shout) Interview with writer W.D. Richter and actors Art Hindle and Brooke Adams. — THE THING (1982; Shout Factory) New interviews with John Carpenter, Keith David, Wilfred Brimley, other actors and filmmakers. — TENEBRAE: Documentary, ‘Yellow Fever: The Rise and Fall of the Giallo.’ — VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (1995; Scream Factory). ‘It Takes a Village: The Making of Village of the Damned’ — Or write-in another choice: 8. BEST INDEPENDENT FILM (Google film titles to find trailers or video clips) — THE BARN, directed by Justin M. Seaman. High school seniors have a final task: defeat creatures within a barn. — THE DARK TAPES, directed by Vincent J. Guastini and Michael McQuown. Four tales from the world of horror, sci-fi and the paranormal. — DREAD CENTRAL’S MONSTERLAND Seven tales in a town overrun by creatures. — A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME, directed by Christopher Ray. A dream home becomes a nightmare for an estranged couple. — HUSH, directed by Mike Flanagan. A deaf writer is stalked by a killer in the woods. — I AM THE PRETTY THING THAT LIVES IN THE HOUSE, directed by Oz Perkins. Nurse takes care of an aging author in a house of scary stories. — LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE, directed by Torin Langen, Navin Ramaswaran and Zachary Ramelan. Terror during a taping of Dr. Nasty’s Cavalcade of Horror show. — MODEL HUNGER, directed by Debbie Rochon. A rejected model takes revenge on the industry and her neighbors.- — THE MONSTER, directed by Bryan Bertino. Mother and daughter are confronted by a creature on a deserted road. — THE NIGHT OF MEDUSA, directed by Joshua Kennedy. College student is possessed by deadly Greek goddess. — THE SIMILARS (Los Parecidos), directed by Isaac Ezban. In 1968, eight passengers meet the unknown at a Mexican bus stop. — SiREN, directed by Gregg Bishop. A bachelor’s party is visited by a deadly intruder. — WERESQUITO: NAZI HUNTER, directed by Christopher M. Mihm. Captured soldier is turned into blood-seeking giant insect. — THE WINDMILL (formerly The Windmill Massacre), directed by Nick Jongerius. Tourists seek refuge in a sinister windmill once used for human sacrifices. — Or write-in another choice: 9. BEST SHORT FILM — EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, directed by Rick Baker (5 mins) Halloween sendup of famous Twilight Zone episode. — THE BEAST IN THE CAVE, directed by Cameron McCasland (7 mins). Adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft classic by Larry Underwood. — THEATRE FANTASTIQUE: THE JOB INTERVIEW, directed by Ansel Faraj (7 mins) Vampire seeks a new Caretaker in this Dark Shadows tribute. — MONSTERKYD MANOR, directed by Linda Wylie. Comedy episodes with Dana Gould, Frank Dietz, Bob Burns and others. — A NEARLY PERFECT BLUE SKY, directed by Quarxx (36 mins). French film traces supernatural delusions of a kidnapper. — THE PUPPET MAN, directed by Jacqueline Castel (9 mins). A supernatural stalker walks into a bar. Features John Carpenter. — SAMURAI DEAD, Episode Two, directed by Jimmy Ren and Jack Vang (6 mins). Zombies meet challenges of the apocalypse. — THE SPIRIT BOARD, directed by Andrea Ricca (6 mins). A ouija séance goes off the board. — THE STYLIST, directed by Jill Gevargizian. (15 mins) A lonely hairstylist has her own ideas about the perfect cut. — TROUSER SNAKE, directed by Alex DiVincenzo (5 mins) Weird goings-on at Lover’s Lane. — UFO DIARY, directed by Jason Apuzzo (16 mins). Two members of the Women’s Army Corps battle an alien invasion of Los Angeles in 1942. — WRAITH, directed by Daniel James (22 mins). The ghost of a child haunts Jessica and her life. — Or write-in another choice: 10. BEST DOCUMENTARY — THE CAROUSEL, directed by Jonathan Napolitano. Story behind Cortlandt Hull’s restoration of the Binghamton, N.Y. carousel of Rod Serling’s childhood. — CHARLES GEMORA: UNCREDITED, directed by Jason Barnett. The career of Hollywood’s greatest gorilla man. — FLESH AND BLOOD, THE HAMMER HERITAGE OF HORROR, directed by Ted Newsom. Extended and remixed version features Cushing and Lee. — FOR THE LOVE OF SPOCK, directed by Adam Nimoy. A son traces his father’s long and prosperous legacy. — JUST DESSERTS: THE MAKING OF CREEPSHOW, directed by Michael Felsher. Revised version of documentary on the Stephen King film. — KONG: LONG LIVE THE KING, directed by Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger. Affectionate fan and pro memories of the 1933 classic, and its offspring. — NO STOPPING THE STOVER, directed by Jeff Herberger. The true and sometimes shocking story of one of Baltimore’s B-movie legends. —THEY CAME FROM THE SWAMP: THE FILMS OF WILLIAM GREFE, directed by Daniel Griffith. A look at the man from the everglades responsible for Tartu, Stanley and Mako, Jaws of Death. — 24X36, directed by Kevin Burke. A look at the history and impact of movie posters. — Or write-in another choice: 11. BOOK OF THE YEAR — BELA LUGOSI IN PERSON, by Bill Kaffenberger and Gary D. Rhodes (BearManor Media, softcover, 420 pages, $24.95). Documenting Lugosi’s on-stage performances from 1931-1945. — BEWARE THE MOON: The Story of An American Werewolf in London, by Paul Davis (Cult Screenings, hardcover, 200 pages, $36.50). Hundreds of photos, 35 interviews and more in this return to the moors. — DINOSAURS EVER EVOLVING: The Changing Face of Prehistoric Animals in Popular Culture, by Allen A. Debus (McFarland, softcover, 320 pages, $39.95). How dinosaurs have reflected our views of the past, myths, and fears. — DOWN FROM THE ATTIC: Rare Thrillers of the Silent Era through the 1950s, by John T. Soister and Henry Nicolella (McFarland, softcover, 248 pages, $39.95). A look at 24 rare films that have been ignored or underappreciated. — EURO GOTHIC: Classics of Continental Horror, by Jonathan Rigby (Signum, hardcover, 344 pages, $34.95). Follow-up to English Gothic explores the German influence and shattered boundaries in Spain, France, Italy and elsewhere. — FANTASTIQUE: Interviews with Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Filmmakers, by Tony Earnshaw (BearManor Media, softcover, 420 pages, $28). Friedkin, Burton, Gilliam, Tarantino and more. — FORGOTTEN HORRORS VOL. 8: The Resurrection of Edgar Allan Poe, by Michael H. Price (CreateSpace, softcover, 290 pages, $30). Roger Corman’s films, along with Poe adaptations from Europe. — HOLLYWOOD’S PRE-CODE HORRORS 1931-1934, by Raymond Valinoti Jr. (BearManor Media, softcover, 186 pages, $19.95). How horror movies pushed the limits during the Depression. — I CANNOT, YET I MUST: The True Story of the Best Bad Monster Movie of All Time, Robot Monster, by Anders Runestad (Radiosonde Book, softcover, 680 pages (31.99). Phil Ticker’s Ro-Man masterpiece dissected. — INTERVIEWS TOO SHOCKING TO PRINT: Conversations with Filmmakers and Their Accomplices, by Justin Humphreys (BearManor Media, softcover, 350 pages, $24.95). Talks with the likes of Wah Chang, Alan Ball, Chuck Griffith and others. — THE KAIJU FILM: A Critical Study of Cinema’s Biggest Monsters, by Jason Barr (McFarland, softcover, 212 pages, $29.95). Not a film guide but a look at giant reflections of Japanese and other cultures. — NIGHTS OF DAN CURTIS: The Television Epics of the Dark Shadows Auteur, by Jeff Thompson (Ideas Into Books, hardcover, 278 pages, $35). The creator’s reach went beyond horror to war, westerns and drama. — ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MONSTERS: The American International Story, by Bruce G Hallenbeck (Hemlock Books, softcover, 280 pages, $47). Film scholar traces the 1950s roots of Hollywood’s biggest exploitation machine. — SCORED TO DEATH: Conversations with Some of Horror’s Greatest Composers, by J. Blake Fichera (Silman-James, softcover, 356 pages, $19.95) . From John Carpenter to Christopher Young, exploring the music of anxiety and terrors. — SOMETHING IN THE BLOOD: The Untold Story of Bram Stoker, the Man Who Wrote Dracula, by David J. Skal (Liveright, hardcover, 672 pages, $35). Scholarly examination of the life, influences and Victorian times of Dracula’s creator. — A THOUSAND CUTS: The Bizarre Underground World of Collectors and Dealers Who Saved the Movies, by Dennis Bartok and Jeff Joseph (University Press of Mississippi, hardcover, 266 pages, $28). How obsessive collectors have helped preserve movies in their original physical form. — TOM WEAVER’S SCRIPTS FROM THE CRYPT 5: ED WOOD AND THE LOST LUGOSI SCREENPLAYS by Gary D. Rhodes with Weaver, Robert Cremer and Lee R. Harris. (BearManor Media, softcover, 302 pages, $29.95). Exploration of the world of Ed Wood includes scripts for unproduced The Vampire’s Tomb and The Ghoul Goes West. — THE TURN TO GRUESOMENESS IN AMERICAN HORROR FILMS, 1931-1936, by Jon Towlson (McFarland, softcover, 240 pages, $39.95). How transgressive images and themes from the early 1930s set a tone for what was to follow decades later. — UNSUNG HORRORS, edited by Eric McNaughton and Darrell Buxton (We Belong Dead, softcover, 440 pages, $43). More than 200 films from silents to the 70s. — Or write in another choice: 12. BEST MAGAZINE OF 2016 — Cinema Retro — Classic Monsters of the Movies — The Dark Side — Delirium — Diabolique — Famous Monsters of Filmland — Filmfax — Freaky Monsters — G-Fan — HorrorHound — Little Shoppe of Horrors — Mad Scientist — Monster! — Monster Bash — Phantom of the Movies Videoscope — Rue Morgue — Scary Monsters — Scream — Screem — Shock — Video Watchdog — We Belong Dead — Or write in another choice: 13. BEST ARTICLE (Please pick two; one will win) — ‘Australian Gothic; The 1929 Dracula Stage Play,’ by Daniel Best. MONSTER! #27-28. The stagecraft and ballyhoo down under for the mystery play. — ‘Baldpate: The Long Road to the House of the Long Shadows,”by Kim Newman, VIDEO WATCHDOG #181. How George M. Cohan’s silent mystery led to a horror icon reunion in the 1970s. — ‘The Battle Against Gore-nography: The American People vs. Herschel Gordon Lewis,’ by Stephen Thrower, SCREEM #32. A look and a wink at how newspapers and critics turned against Blood Feast and other splatter films. — ‘Bob Slays,’ by Denis Meikle, THE DARK SIDE #180. The career of Robert Quarry, beyond Count Yorga. — ‘Count Perversion, the Whip and the Living Dead,’ by Kat Ellinger, DIABOLIQUE #98. A look at Christopher Lee’s Euro-horror legacy. — ‘Calvin’s Castle: A Tale of Gothic Horror,’ by Christopher O’Brien, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #37. The true story behind Calvin Beck’s magazine, Castle of Frankenstein. — ‘Dracula and the It Girl,’ by Andi Brooks. SCARY MONSTERS #100. Bela Lugosi’s mysterious relationship with Clara Bow. — ‘Gentleman of Poverty Row,’ by Laura Wagner, FILMS OF THE GOLDEN AGE #85. Retrospective on serial and B-movie star Kane Richmond (Spy Smasher, Lost City), with contributions from Richmond’s daughter. — ‘Go Back, Quicksand: The Movies, the Myth, the Magic and the Mud,’ by Thom Shubilla, MONSTER BASH #27. Death by quicksand through the decades. — ‘God Is Silent, but the Devil Advertises: The Exorcist III and the Problem of Evil,’ by John-Paul Checkett. SCREEM #32. The tortures of getting a true sequel to the screen. — ‘The Great American Werewolf Reunion,’ by David Weiner, FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #284. Landis, Baker, Naughton talk makeups and fog. — ‘Inside the House of Fear,’ by MJ Simpson, THE DARK SIDE #173, A look at Richard Driscoll, the British ‘Ed Wood.’ — ‘A HorrorHound’s Guide to Documentaries,’ by Nathan Hanneman, HORRORHOUND #60. Nearly 200 films that go behind the horrors. — ‘I Am the King of My Kind: The Making of Universal’s 1979 Dracula,’ by Constantine Nasr, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #36. A magazine-length look at the show business battles that brought Frank Langella’s Count from Broadway to screen. — ‘Lionel Atwill: The Deadly Charm of the Lunatic,’ by Alex Hopkins, CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES #2. From matinee idol to villain to sex scandal. — ‘Madness, Myth and the Modern Prometheus,’ by Dejan Ognjanovic, RUE MORGUE #171. Two hundred years after, Mary Shelley and the true roots of Frankenstein. — ‘Merely a Century: Forry is 100,’ by Brad Linaweaver, Mondo Cult Online.Encounters with Ackerman over the years. — ‘Nosferatu the Vampyre: Variations and Version Blood,’ by Tim Lucas, VIDEO WATCHDOG #182. A forensic look, VW-style, at the many releases of Herzog’s remake. — ‘The Nurse in Science Fiction Films,’ by Mark C. Glassy, Ph.D and Donna Glassy, B.S.N., R.N., SCARY MONSTERS #101. Nurses on set and on screen. — ‘The Silence of the Lambs: 25 Years of the Cannibal Lecter,’ by Jason ‘Jinx’ Jenkins, HORRORHOUND #60. From novel to Oscar and beyond. — ‘The Thing from Another World,’ by Martin Arlt, MAD SCIENTIST #31. From saucer to greenhouse, verything about the Arctic masterpiece. — ‘Tuckered Out Canaveral Capers,’by Stephen R. Bissette, MONSTER! #25. How the director of Robot Monster sought out NASA for Cape Canaveral Monsters. — ‘Uncle Forry: A Century of Inspiration,’ by Cliff Roberston, SCARY MONSTERS #102. Profile includes poignant details from his final days. — ‘A Wicker Man’s Man,’ by Jennifer Blair, DIABOLIQUE #25. How Christopher Lee’s restrained performance heightened the terror. — ‘The Witch of North Bennington,’ by April Snellings, RUE MORGUE #170. Remembering Shirley Jackson with scholars and analysis on her 100th anniversary. — Or write-in another choice: ALSO, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO VOTE FOR TWO ARTICLES ABOVE (one will win) 14. BEST INTERVIEW (Award goes to interviewer) — Don Coscarelli and David Hartman discuss Phantasm: Ravager, by John W. Bowen. RUE MORGUE #166. — Barbara Crampton by Trevor Parker. DELIRIUM #11. — Ray Harryhausen, expanded 2006 interview by Mark Mawston, SCARY MONSTERS #100. — Tom Holland and Andrew London, writer and editor of PSYCHO II, by Nigel Parkin. DELIRIUM #10. — H.G. Lewis, his penultimate interview, by Preston Fassel, RUE MORGUE #173. — Cassandra Peterson on her life as Elvira, by Jason Hignite. HORRORHOUND #61. — James Storm of Dark Shadows by Rod Labbe, SCARY MONSTERS #100. — John Sanders, Walking Dead’s prop master by Don Vaughan, VIDEOSCOPE #98. — Virgil Vogel, director of Land Unknown, by Tom Weaver, MONSTER BASH #26. — Tom Woodruff Jr., monster designer and performer, by david j. moore, FILMFAX #143. — Or write-in another choice: 15. BEST COLUMNIST — Bay of the Living Dead, by David-Elijah Nahmod, brokeassstuart.com — Camp Grindhouse, by David Del Valle, DELIRIUM. — Disc Flix, by David J. Hogan, FILMFAX — The Doctor Is In-Sane, by Dr. Gangrene, SCARY MONSTERS — Fright Gallery, curated by Gary Pullin, RUE MORGUE — Grey Matters, by Richard Schellbach, MONDO CULT ONLINE — It Came from Bowen’s Basement, by John W, Bowen, RUE MORGUE — Larry Blamire’s Star Turn, VIDEO WATCHDOG — Ralph’s One and Only Traveling Reviews, by Richard Klemensen, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS — Rondo Remembers, by Ron Adams, MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE — They Came from the Krypt, by Jon Kitley, HORRORHOUND — Or write in another choice: 16. BEST COVER Classic Monsters of the Movies #5 by Daniel Horne Delirium #11 Photo by Ama Lea Diabolique #25 by Mark Spears Famous Monsters of Filmland #284 by Rick Baker Filmfax #146 Poster art Freaky Monsters #25 by Arliss G-Fan #112 by Bob Eggleton HorrorHound #57 by Jason Edmiston Little Shoppe of Horrors #36 by Jeff Preston Mad Scientist #31 by Mark Maddox Monster #26 by John Rozum Monster Bash Special #3 by George Chastain Rue Morgue #170 by Sara Deck; designer, Andrew Wright Scary Monsters #101 by Scott Jackson Screem #32 by Mark Maddox Videoscope #100 by Kevin Hein Video Watchdog #183 by Mark Maddox We Belong Dead #18 by Dave Brux To vote on a cover, place an X in the box or type your choice here: 17. BEST WEBSITE OR BLOG OF 2016 — ALL SCI-FI The talk is pure science fiction. — BETTER DAYS, BENNER NIGHTS Steve Vertlieb’s musings on films and music. — BLOODY DISGUSTING Latest news for the fearless. — BLOODY PIT OF ROD From Naschy to gnashing teeth. — BLUMHOUSE House of modern horrors and more. — CLASSIC MOVIE MONSTERS BLOG One of the earliest resources for archetypal horrors. — COLLECTING CLASSIC MONSTERS The joy and pain of chasing monstrous things. — COLLINSPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY Piercing the Shadows left by Barnabas Collins. — DREAD CENTRAL Horror’s daily front page. — DR. GANGRENE’S MAD BLOG Nashville’s mad doctor. — EDDIE PARKER GALLERY The stuntman played a lot more than monsters. — ERNEST THESIGER WEBSITE All about horror’s gaunt presence. — FANGORIA Hanging on with news and podcasts. — FILM NOIR FOUNDATION Footseps and rain in black and white. — FRANKENSTEINIA Pierre Fournier’s journal of all things Frankenstein. — THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE GODZILLA August Ragone’s monster-sized blog. — GRAVEYARD SHIFT SISTERS Women of color are horror fans, too. — HK AND CULT FILMS All the latest on the foreign and unusual. — THE HORRORS OF IT ALL The amazing 50s horror comics revival lives here. — ICONS OF FRIGHT Horror’s online collective. — KAIJU BATTLE All giant monsters: News, artwork, collectibles, links. — KAIJUMATIC Details on 1,000 giant monsters. — LATARNIA: FANTASTIQUE INTERNATIONAL Home of Euro and world horror. — MONDO CULT Horror is just part of the edgy culture there. — MONSTER KID CLUBHOUSE A classic horror signpost on Facebook. — MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD Always updated with the latest in print monsters. — RAVENOUS MONSTER Consuming horror from books to film. — RINGSTONE ROUND The premier site for fans of the Quatermass films. — SCARED SILLY Paul Castiglia’s compendium of classic horror comedies. — SCIFI JAPAN The home of Monster Zero News. — SERIAL SQUADRON Cliffhangers of the past, discussed and restored. — SHOCK TIL YOU DROP Horror journalism and previews. — SIN STREET SLEAZE John Harrison’s blog of pulp and pop. — SPANISH FEAR Now includes Horror Rises from Spain — TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES The dynamic duo of monster fandom. — UNIVERSAL MONSTER ARMY The ultimate collectors of monstrous toys, models and collectibles. — VAMPIRE OVER LONDON The Bela Lugosi blog. — VIDEO WATCHBLOG Tim Lucas on the magic of movies, music and life. — WITCH’S DUNGEON Cortlandt Hull’s shrine to Hollywood’s horrific legacy. — ZOMBOS CLOSET Horrors and thrills beyond belief. — Or write-in another choice: 18. BEST MULTI-MEDIA HORROR SITE — Between Light and Shadow: A Twilight Zone Podcast Episode dissections with surprise endings. — Bloody Good Horror Killerflix offers podcast reviews of old and new. — Bordello of Horror Freakshow and the gang host old-time horror shows. Roku, too. — Count Gore De Vol’s Creature Features Weekly web program from a classic horror host. — Cult Radio A Go-Go! Pioneers of the horror-talk genre; now on Roku, too. — Damn Dirty Geeks Hollywood pros, fans and yes, geeks, talk shop every month. — Deadpit Radio The thrillbillies still stalk bigfoot country. — Doctor of the Dead Podcast of zombies, by zombies, for zombies. — Eerie the Late Night Horror Channel Dozens of horror hosts and their movies. — The Fantastic Films of Vincent Price Up to 71 and counting, Dr. Gangrene’s film-by-film survey. — The Flicks That Church Forgot Horror from a spiritual point of view. — From Dusk Til Con Radio Films, games, cons, horor. — Horror Happens Radio Show Jay K, the Ghost and horror as it happens. — Kaijucast Godzilla’s early warning sysytem. — Monster Kid Radio Derek Koch hosts modern talk about classic monsters. — Poe Forevermore Radio Theater Keeping the legend alive. — Shock Waves. Horror talk from Galluzzo, Kane and McKendry. — Scarlet The Film Magazine A new blog of horror and mystery. — The Slaughtered Bird Horrors and interviews from Liverpool. — Trailers from Hell Joe Dante and gang comment on vintage trailers. — Or write-in another choice: 19. BEST CONVENTION OF 2016 — ALIEN CON(Santa Rosa) — BLOB FEST (Phoenixville, Pa.) — BONE-BAT COMEDY OF HORRORS (Seattle) — CHILLER (Parsippany, NJ) — CINEMA WASTELAND (Strongsville, Oh.) — CRYPTICON (Seattle) — CTHULHUCON (Portland, Ore.) — DAYS OF THE DEAD (Indianapolis) — DRAGONCON (Atlanta) — ETHERIA FILM FESTIVAL (L.A.) — FLASHBACK WEEKEND (Rosemont, Il.) — G-FEST (Rosemont, Il.) — GHOULARDIFEST (Cleveland) — HORRORHOUND WEEKEND (Cincinnati) — HORROR REALM (Pittsburgh) — MAD MONSTER PARTY (Charlotte, NC) — MONSTER BASH (Mars, Pa.) — MONSTERFEST (Chesapeake, Va.) — MONSTER-MANIA (Cherry Hill, NJ) — MONSTERPALOOZA (Burbank) — MONSTERAMA (Atlanta) — NECRONOMICON (Providence, RI) — ROCK AND SHOCK (Worcester, Ma.) — SCAREFEST (Lexington, Ky.) — SCARES THAT CARE (Williamsburg, Va.) — SILVER SCREAM FESTIVAL (Santa Rosa) — SPOOKY EMPIRE (Orkando) — TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND (Dallas) — WONDERFEST (Louisville) — Or write in another choice: 20. BEST LIVE EVENT — AMERICAN WEREWOLVES IN SANTA ROSA: John Landis, Rick Baker and David Naughton speak after screening of An American Werrewolf in London at Scream Festival. — ‘AT HOME WITH MONSTERS’ exhibit of Guillermo Del Toro’s collection at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. — BLOB PANIC RE-ENACTMENT. Fans run out of the same Pennsylvania theatre attacked by The Blob (Blobfest) — COUNT GORE DEVOL PRESENTS Live shows in Silver Spring, Md. include Kong, Body Snatchers and both Things. — ELVIRA INDUCTED INTO HORROR HOST HALL OF FAME. The Mistress of the Dark receives Lifetime Achievement Award at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati. — FRANKENSTEIN LAKE REVISITED, Sara Karloff and Don Watkins, son of child actress Marilyn Harris, are reunited at lake near Malibu where the Monster threw ‘little Maria’ into the water. Organized by Pierre Fournier. — AKIRA IFUKUBE CHAMBER MUSIC, concert in Chicago featuring Reiko Yamada and hosted by Erik Homenick. — MAN WITH KALEIDOSCOPE EYES, live reading of script of Joe Dante’s proposed biopic of Roger Corman’s ‘The Trip.’ — PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, live reading of script by Patton Oswalt, Fred Willard, Dana Gould, others. Los Angeles. — RADIOTHEATRE’S EDGAR ALLAN POE FESTIVAL, 16 audio drama perfomed in May and June by NYC’s Radiotheatre. — ‘A STRANGE NIGHT WITH COFFIN JOE’, Ray Castile and Tom Stockman present double-feature of Brazilian’s films at Webster University in St. Louis. — TRIBUTE TO BERNIE WRIGHTSON. Ailing artist’s son, John, on hand for exhibit of artist’s work at Creature Features in Burbank. — WITCH’S DUNGEON CLASSIC MOVIE MUSEUM celebrates 50 years in Connecticut. — Or write-in another choice: 21. FAVORITE HORROR HOST OF 2016 — The Bone Jangler (Illinois) — The Bowman Body (Virginia) — Count Gore De Vol (D.C.) — Count Gregula (Count Gregula’s Crypt) — Dr. Gangrene (Nashville) — Dr. Madblood (Virginia) — Freakshow (Wisconsin) — Fritz the Nite Owl (Columbus) — Ghoul a Go-Go (NY) — The Ghouligans (NY) — Gruesome Graves (Indiana) — Halloween Jack — Karlos Borloff (Monster Madhouse) — Lord Blood-Rah (San Francisco) — Mr. Lobo (Calif.) — Nigel Honeybone (Australia) — Ormon Grimsby (NC) — Penny Dreadful (New England) — Son of Ghoul (Ohio) — Svengoolie (Berwyn) — Or write in another host: 22. BEST HORROR COMIC — AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE. Riverdale zombies rule the malt shop. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla. — BLOKE’S TERRIBLE TOMB OF TERROR (Indy). Anthology of horrors. — CREEPS (Warrant) Anthology in the tradition of Creepy magazine. — HARROW COUNTY (Dark Horse). Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook deliver a Southern gothic of dread and lost innocence. — HAUNTED HORROR (IDW/Yoe). Restoring the shudders of obscure 1950s horror comics. — JOHN CARPENTER’S TALES FOR A HALLOWEEN NIGHT, VOL. 2 (Storm King). Horrors with an edge. — PROVIDENCE (Avatar) Alan Moore visits the eerie roots of Lovecraft. — SHADOWS ON THE GRAVE (Dark Horse). Richard Corben anthology of horrors — TALES FROM THE ACKER-MANSION (American Gothic Press). Collected scary stories and tributes introduced by Dr. Acula — WEIRD DETECTIVE (Dark Horse). Whodunits in the Lovecraft tradition. Fred Van Lente and Gulu Vilanova. 23. BEST CD — H.P. LOVECRAFT/Clark Ashton Smith (Cadabra) Spoken word stories on three vinyl albums by J.T. Joshi and others. — IT’S ONLY A MOVIE (HorrorHound) Shock and rockabilly bands cover famous horror movie themes. — LOST THEMES II (Scared Bones). Unheard music by John Carpenter. — STRANGER THINGS, Vols.. 1 and 2 (Lakeshore). Music from the Netflix series — MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE: Zombies!!! Official Boardgame Soundtrack. Music to game by. — MISFITS: Friday the 13th. Four-song EP. — SINBAD AND THE PIRATE PRINCESS (Damfino) Mark Redfield, Martine Beswick, Caroline Munro audio adventure. WRITE-IN CATEGORIES 24. BEST WRITER OF 2016 (includes reviewers) 25. BEST ARTIST OF 2016 (all formats, including paint, sculpt or design) 26. BEST FAN ARTIST OF 2016 (The Linda Miller Award) 27. INTERNATIONAL FAN OF THE YEAR 28. MONSTER KID OF THE YEAR (Who did the most to advance the cause of classic horror scholarship, film preservation or genre fun). 29. AND FINALLY, THE MONSTER KID HALL OF FAME* — Which fans, pros, writers, researchers, horror hosts or others should be inducted into the Rondo Awards Monster Kid Hall of Fame? Suggest up to six names. Previous inductees are listed alphabetically below. *ALREADY INDUCTED ARE: Forrest J Ackerman, Julie Adams, Rick Baker, James Bama, Calvin Beck, Stephen Bissette, Paul and Jackie Blaisdell, Ray Bradbury, Bob and Kathy Burns, Bill Cardille, Ben Chapman, Frederick S. Clarke, Jim and Marian Clatterbaugh, Roger Corman, Joe Dante, Jack Davis, David Del Valle, Gary Dorst, Dennis Druktenis, William K. Everson,, Mark Frank, Frank Frazetta, Ghoulardi, Don Glut, Basil Gogos, Archie Goodwin, Alex and Richard Gordon, Count Gore De Vol, Ray Harryhausen, Del and Sue Howison, Cortlandt Hull, Larry Ivie, Sara Karloff, Ken Kelly, Dick Klemensen, Verne Langdon, JD Lees, Bob Lemon, Jessie Lilley, Lux Interior, Tim and Donna Lucas, Gregory Mank, Jose Mojica Marins (Coffin Joe), Ray Meyers, Morgus, Ted Newsom, Paul Naschy, Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett, Don Post Studio, Mark Redfield, Gary Don Rhodes, German Robles, George A. Romero, Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth, David J. Skal, Michael Stein, Bhob Stewart, William Stout, George Stover, Gary and Sue Svehla, Sammy Terry, Vampira, Steve Vertlieb, Dennis Vincent, Mike Vraney, Bill Warren, James Warren, Tom Weaver,Michael Weldon, Bob Wilkins, Bernie Wrightson, and, of course, Zacherley Whew! That’s it!!! —————————————————————————————- REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME; E-MAIL YOUR PICKS TO taraco@aol.com AGAIN, TO VOTE simply copy this ballot and make your picks by highlighting your selection, or by putting an X by your selections, or by typing out your picks separately. Whatever is easiest. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO VOTE IN EVERY CATEGORY. Then e-mail your picks to taraco@aol.com by April 16, 2017. And if you got this far, you are a true Monster Kid! Thanks. Kala Guess Monique Hyman Victoria Dadi Alexander Yellen Gerald Webb Richard Grieco