Good Morning Troops

Good Morning Troops…Today, I’m promoting everyone! To CEO. CEO of your life that is.
Starting today, you have the ability to hire and fire everyone in your life. And here’s the kicker…there is no HR Department in your life telling you what you can and can’t do.
So have at it. Get rid of the “Downer Dave’s”, the “Negative Nancy’s” and the “Pathetic Pete’s” and replace them with winners. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the victories come when you’re surrounded with great people!

A few of my close friends/family know that I have been laying low on medical leave for the past 12 weeks

A few of my close friends/family know that I have been laying low on medical leave for the past 12 weeks, treating the back injuries from my car accident and trying to lower my stress level by taking a pause from my job. This week I decided to resign from my position at IKAR. It is very bittersweet for me, as the past 7 years have been an amazing journey, and one that I will cherish throughout my life. I have learned a lot about myself- my strengths and weaknesses; I learned how to manage a team, plan and execute an event, how to clean for Passover, and how many bagels it takes to feed 300 people. I was lucky enough to feel the love and support from a community of people who give, and give, and then give some more. I saw first-hand how people with conviction can come together, open their hearts, and affect change in the world. I am constantly blown away by the kindness and generosity of this community. I have made lasting friendships with my coworkers over the years and gained skills (not to mention random Jewish knowledge!) that I will take with me throughout my life. I am proud to be associated with such an important organization full of passionate, inspired leaders and beautiful human beings.
It’s hard to describe IKAR…but the best example is
when my mom passed away, people in the community (and my bosses) donated money and ordered SO MUCH FOOD for the gathering after the funeral…it makes me cry every time I think about it.
Some of my favorite memories involve Jewish Holidays…(costumes, alcohol, long hours and laughing with punchy co-workers!), and some of my least favorite memories involving tears and exhaustion are still pretty good- because they were usually followed with laughter and hugs.
Thank you for everything! I will miss you all, but your memory is definitely a blessing. 🙂


These regimes are my BFF’s!
“I’ve always had freckles my entire life, and have always been told they’re “so cute” … few people realize that freckles are actually a form of sun damage! So in an effort to preserve *some* of my cuteness I used redefine daily and reverse + the amp roller once a week. I didn’t think I had “bad” skin before, but its amazing how much more you appreciate your results when you see them side by side I’d much rather be complimented for my healthy glowing skin than the cuteness of my sun damage ”
Are you ready to take the 60 day challenge?
#60daychallenge #number1forareason #skincarethatworks #beYOUtiful

*Who is a woman

*Who is a woman?????***
When she is quiet, millions of things are running in her mind.When she stares at you, she is wondering why she loves you so much in spite of being taken for granted.When she says I will stand by you, she will stand by you like a rock.
Never hurt her or take her for granted.A very heart touching message by a woman.
Someone asked her, Are you a working woman or a housewife?
She replied: Yes, I am a full-time working housewife.I work 24 hours a day.I’m a Mum.I’m a Wife.I’m a Daughter.I’m a Daughter-in-law.I’m an Alarm clock.I’m a Cook.I’m a Maid.I’m a Teacher.I’m a Waiter.I’m a Nanny.I’m a Nurse.I’m a Handyman.I’m a Security officer.I’m a Counsellor.I’m a Comforter.I don’t get holidays.I don’t get sick leave.I don’t get day off.I work through day and night.I’m on call all hours and get paid with a sentence.***What Do u Do All Day??***
Dedicated to all women***Woman has the most unique character like salt, her presence is never remembered but her absence makes all the things tasteless. Pass it to all the lovely ladies…Ur Mother.Ur Wife.Ur daughter.Ur sister N Ur friend.Forward to every woman to make her smile and to every man to make him realize a woman’s worth.

It really hasn’t fully set in that I walked away from my full

It really hasn’t fully set in that I walked away from my full-time job to write instead. Week 1. I’ve written 3 chapters. Completed my first freelance project (40k words total). I have 2 poems being published this summer. I am preforming a poem live in Washington Square Park on Thursday. I have 23 people pledging to support my writing on Patreon. I have (between facebook and my blog) about six thousand followers for my writing.
Unbelievable. I can’t believe I’m really doing it. Thank you to everyone who said I was good enough. I hope I am making you proud – but I sure as hell am proud of myself.

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HOW can a city or county even be ALLOWED to say that they will not follow the laws they don’t like that are still true and actual LAWS in america

HOW can a city or county even be ALLOWED to say that they will not follow the laws they don’t like that are still true and actual LAWS in america? Makes no sense to me. Can I declare certain laws no longer matter within my house boundaries? Can citizens say they don’t follow laws (didn’t work well for those in WY last year) if they don’t like them? Of course not. I don’t see how a city can say certain laws will not be followed. Either follow them or change the law, but if it is law, then it has to be followed. Ridiculous, and again part of the pulling apart of what used to be the United States of America.


No! This is utterly stupid and heartless! He KILLED A MAN! He deserved the sentence! After all, he could eat, sleep. exercise in the gym and see his family… and grow old! No so for the murdered man!!! The sentence SHOULD NOT BE REVOKED! He hung himself, so what!!!! The murdered man had a family, too! NO sorrow, no sympathy, no easy street for him NOR his family. This is a circus with the dead man being trampled under foot! Besides, Hernandez took the COWARD’S way out! He had a child so what!!! She is no different from thousands of children whose fathers are murdered. Oh, wait! Yes she is! Her father was THE killer, not in military combat, not to protect anyone but just had the urge to kill another child’s actual or potential father!

Very excited to finally announce my new chapbook

Very excited to finally announce my new chapbook, To Breathe Deep, which will be released both online and in print this July! Features all of my jellyfish prose poems, as well as some personal pieces (including a few published recently in the CCM survivors anthology). And I designed the cover! I loved last year’s Summer Series by Ghost City Press and am excited to be taking part again (big thanks to Kevin Bertolero + Jo Barchi for including me)!
To preorder a digital download of my chap, which you can do for free(!), check the link below, but I’m also doing a small print run–if you decide to buy a copy of my chap (name your price), message me and I’ll get your address for a signed print copy, too <3 Thank you for your support!!

“Sweet Ruin” received 5 stars

“Sweet Ruin” received 5 stars. **Kresley Cole, your words tempt me away from all responsibilities. …But when it comes to your novels, I don’t mind being weak.** The novel gained *STARS* for these items: * gained for: “The book caught my interest in first five pages.” * gained for: “I thought about the book when I was forced to set it down and re-enter society.” * gained for: “There were no info dumps, poor writing, or copy edit mistakes that jerked me out of the story.” * gained for: “I was sad when the book ended. I want more!” * gained for: “That’s it. I’m hooked on this author I w…

We have more new arrivals at Telos Towers: Just taken receipt of copies of the new TERROR TALES anthology

We have more new arrivals at Telos Towers: Just taken receipt of copies of the new TERROR TALES anthology … TERROR TALES OF CORNWALL … stories from Mark Morris, Ray Cluley, Reggie Oliver, John Whitbourn, Paul Edwards, Jacqueline Simpson, Paul Finch, Mark Valentine, Kate Farrell, D P Watt, Steve Jordan, Adrian Cole, Mark Samuels, Sarah Singleton, Ian Hunter and Thana Niveau all using Cornwall, it’s myths, legends and monsters as their basis … the series is edited by the amazing Paul Finch and is guaranteed to chill the heart 🙂
As always, if there’s any reviewers out there who would like a digital copy to look at for review, then get in touch!