i messed up

i messed up.

the past few months have been the busiest and most exciting of my life. i’ve become a full time speaker and hit my dream of inspiring over a million people globally.
but…i overcommitted. i became overwhelmed. i tried to be 20 different people at once. instead of putting 100% of myself into one thing i put a small % of myself into many. i did not follow through on promises, let countless possibilities go over my head- and i’m done being that person.
that’s not how i want to live my life, nor is it the way i want my work to be delivered into the world.

i’m done trying to be five different job titles. finished with only putting a little bit of me into what i do.
instead of trying to do so many different things that only put a part of you into them, do one thing that you put ALL of you in.
everybody is constantly talking- but for you to ACTUALLY take action, that’s when your life will change!

you always are given another chance. stop letting your past dictate your present.
be in the driver’s seat.
I CAN AND I WILL. ❤ Brandon Farbstein
so much love for all the constant support!

I *think* THE X

I *think* THE X-FILES, VOL. 2 TP: “Came Back Haunted” comes out tomorrow.
This collects issues #6-9 of the current series, introduces a new character with ties to the old mythology, some fresh secrets that will factor heavily in the upcoming “Resistance” storyline, and a potential romantic entanglement for Mulder and Scully going forward.
It’s me, Matt and Jordie (and Menton) back in the garage banging on instruments and making noise.
For years, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully toiled in the X-Files Unit, a one-office division of the Bureau dealing with cases deemed unsolvable and related to unexplained phenomena. Eventually, both agents left the FBI and began new lives in peaceful anonymity. However, recent events prompted them to return to the Bureau and the X-Files. In “Came Back Haunted,” a thwarted attack puts a community of refugees at risk, but when a connection to a recent mall shooting is found, Mulder and Scully must determine the cause of the violent outbreaks, why the government is covering it up, and just what the connection to old secrets they’d believed dead and buried really is. Collects issues #6-9.

Latest update

Latest update ….just spoke to the surgeon who likes the fact that bill feels a lot better today and has no fever with this major infection in his colon and small abscess collecting fluid. No surgery since he may be responding to the super drugs. This is now a day by day wait and see situation . Plan now to start him on liquids only, continue meds and if the abscess gets larger put a drain in and avoid the surgery as long as he continues to improve. That way they don’t operate under these conditions that would force them to give him a bag for months an ultimately two surgeries. He will still need surgery but Se Carter indicates it can be done laparoscopically when no infection is present. Keep the prayers coming .

Sorry for the recent radio silence

Sorry for the recent radio silence, all. I’ve been an editing fool lately. The book has changed a lot in this second draft–it’s gotten a good bit longer, a little darker, a little sadder, but also with a few extra “awww” moments for good measure.
I’ll be following up soon with a book trailer, cover reveal, and release date. (huzzah!)
In the mean time, here’s a little teaser:
“Fernie,” Ko-Jin barked, causing several recruits to start. He suppressed a grin—playing the drill master brought its own joys.
The white-haired boy stepped forward. “Yes, General.”
“What,” he asked, as he took up his pacing again, “is the first rule of combat?”
A smug smile played at the lad’s lips. “Which first rule, Ko—er, General?”
Snowflakes began to swirl in the wind, peppering the palace grounds once again. Ko-Jin frowned, both at the weather and at Fernie.
“You’ve told me a few first rules, sir: the first rule of combat is don’t die,” he said, in a stern voice meant to sound like Ko-Jin’s. “The first rule of combat is don’t think, know; the first rule of combat is shut it, Fernie, and pay atten—”
Enton Yardly, the fellow Cosanta who had been Ko-Jin’s trainer long ago, laughed heartily, his deep voice echoing across the chilly grounds.
“Thank you,” Ko-Jin cut in, tone dry. “Your ability to recall conversations is, as ever, amazing and irritating.”


Jeff Gerrard Casting is looking for “This Is Us”Fans in The Greater Los Angeles Area!!!
Men and Women, Ages 20 to 80
We want to hear from big fans of “This Is Us”! Looking for people who really relate to the show to be featured in an upcoming network promo shoot for “This is Us” that will take place in the Los Angeles area.
This Is NOT A PAID Endorsement
(No Compensation For Your Testimonial)
We are looking for “real people” who are “fans” of the show,
Please email ASAP us for consideration: thisisuspromocasting@gmail.com
Submissions due by 5pm Pacific Time on 4/26
(In The Subject Line of Email: THIS IS US: Your Name)
Please include the following information:
-Contact Info
-Tell us your story about why you are a fan of “This is Us”! Who is your favorite character and why? Please feel feel to add anything else that helps us to understand why you are such a huge fan and if and how you relate to the show and its characters!
This job shoots on:
Saturday, April 29, 2017 and/or Saturday, May 6, 2017

In Silicon Valley today

In Silicon Valley today. I fly to NYC tomorrow to participate in the #WOMMASummit in NYC.Terrific organization which I was deeply involved with from 2005 until recently. I am reminded about how important authentic word of mouth is in a world of fake news, sketchy service and so much more. Consumers deserve better and WOM remains the best of marketing. I have the honor of being inducted into the WOMMA Hall of Fame alongside 3 much smarter people: Rod Brooks, Jay Baer and Sally Hogshead. http://wommasummit.com/. Cannot wait to see so many folks – Virginia Miracle, Spike Jones, Ed Keller, Brad Fay and quite a few folks I hope will be there but don’t want to overreach…

After nearly two months of back

After nearly two months of back-and-forth to work out contract details with a publisher in England, I just signed a contract for a collection of 12 “inspirational short stories.” Since the collection may not come out under my name, I can’t really say more at this time. However, it is a relief to have the discussion finished. The publisher was very open and professional at every turn of the squirmy, legal worm, and I appreciate such patience and awareness. One thing I have learned over the years (and truly appreciate other’s awareness of) is that the people who have the best intentions when initiating a deal are never the people who show up in court to defend the contract. Consequently, the contract must be clear, complete, and limited before the signatures are applied. Now, to celebrate by packing for a trip to teach in California.

On this day in 1660

On this day in 1660, the English Convention Parliament voted to restore King Charles II to the throne. Charles, you may recall, had fled England in 1651, during The English Civil War. With Charles gone, the Protectorate, under Oliver Cromwell was established; Oddly, today is also Cromwell’s birthday; he was born in 1599. The restoration of C-II gave way to the birth of Restoration Comedies, comedies of manners that poked fun at the aristocracy. C-II, a devoted theatre-goer and a bit of a rakehell himself, issued Royal Patents to theatrical producers (and it drove puritans mad). Writers like William Congreve and George Farquhar flourished. Luxurious theatres like the Drury Lane were built, mostly by Christopher Wren. The racier tone of Restoration Comedies was enhanced by the newest innovation in theatre history, actresses. For the first time, female characters were played not by boys but by women. And such women! Nell Gwynn became the first woman superstar. One of the most produced Restoration Comedies is Farquhar’s THE BEAUX STRATAGEM, seen here in it’s adaptation by Thornton Wilder.

“How He Helped” by Ramsey Campbell

“How He Helped” by Ramsey Campbell, and “An End to Perpetual Motion” by Mark Samuels are the final two announcements for ADAM’S LADDER, the science fiction anthology to be released later this year by Dark Regions Press, co-edited by Darren Speegle and Michael Bailey. Below is the complete Table of Contents:
01 – Chaz Brenchley – “Ch-Ch-Changes”
02 – Damien Angelica Walters – “Filigree, Minotaur, Cyanide, Bloom”
03 – Ramsey Campbell – “How He Helped”
04 – Gene O’Neill – “Spirits”
05 – B.e. Scully – “The Mythic Hero Most Likely to Squeeze a Stone”
06 – John Langan – “My Father, Dr. Frankenstein”
07 – Mark Morris – “Undersound”
08 – Erinn Kemper – “A Laughing Matter”
09 – Paul Meloy – “The Serile”
10 – Lisa Morton – “Eyes of the Beholders”
11 – Tim Lebbon – “Strings”
12 – Jeffrey Thomas – “Sliced Bread”
13 – Rena Mason – “I Will Be the Making of You”
14 – Brian Evenson – “Nameless Citizen”
15 – Roberta Lannes – “Painting the Burning Fence”
16 – Scott Edelman – “Pity This Busy Monster Not”
17 – Mark Samuels – “An End to Perpetual Motion”
18 – Laird Barron – “Swift to Chase”

You can be motivated by words or be inspired by actions

You can be motivated by words or be inspired by actions. But the greatest motivation is the power to start what you want for your life. Those who lacks the courage to start are already finished in life. Desire and determination are the starting points of all life achievements, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen strong desire with full ddetermination transcends everything. Until you know where you are going and your reason for going there, you are not going anywhere in life. Without purpose any efforts can be a complete waste of time. Success is getting what you want while happiness is loving what you get.
Fortune favors the bold, be bold to take any decision concerning your life. Those who run away from their own battles are ignorantly helping other people fight their wars. Some people succeed because they are destined, while some succeed because they are determined. Destiny and determination can make anybody succeed in life, both needs action. Not all actions brings success but there’s never a success without action in life. Actions without prayer is a nightmare but prayers without action is daydream. When you remove common sense from hard working, it becomes a hard labor. Prayer Is Asking GOD for rice while foolishness Is waiting on HIM For Spoon. Miracle and magic is never the same. GOD is a GOD of miracle HE doesn’t do magic. Stop living your life hoping and
waiting. Stop grace singing of other people and and start your success story. Don’t live your life procrastinating because the future listens to no excuses. There are only two ways to regret in life, BEFORE AND AFTER. Those who choose to regret after may regret for life. Whatever you sow today is what you reap tomorrow. Do something with your life before life starts doing many things to you. You may not be responsible for how you were born, but you’re the only one who is responsible for how you live your life.
©Olugbenga et al2017