Yeah I read the entire transcript

Yeah I read the entire transcript, with my stomach in knots (I’m not sharing the article because I won’t have his name appearing on and soiling my timeline). I know “end of the world” prognostications and cries of alarm have always circulated in dire periods of history, but seriously, we are standing on the precipice. We are so environmentally close to midnight and we have a *cruel*, belligerent, greedy, ignorant, solipsistic, pig-fuck who can’t even negotiate syntax, with a nuclear arsenal at his command… . I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say we are in grave danger (and by “we” you understand, I mean the species). I don’t known what or how, but sudden and consequential change needs to happen soon. #amillionyearsofpeacetime.

Friends and family and those in between that I tolerate

Friends and family and those in between that I tolerate.
I have started a non-fiction project with working name (Threads of Humanity). It will feature stories and interviews from many different types of people. I need a HUGE range of diverse people, all genders, races, religions, cultures, countries, sexuality. Even criminals, non-criminals. Different careers, victims of abuse, abusers and basically I want every damn human but that is impossible.
I am challenging the world to see others perspectives, try and not paint things to our personal narratives when others are involved. ANY of you are interested, let me know, this is a long on going project, the only thing you really get out of it is to tell your story. It can be done under a different name to protect your identity. Once someone decides they want to do this, send me your email, I will send you a short survey then once I receive that I will send a series of questions based on that survey.
It may be confronting and you may feel vulnerable, this is why happy to put a different name. This is different from my fictional work, this is something I wish to hopefully educate the world with and maybe make it a better place. So if interested or know others that will be – PM me with your email.

Happy 4/20

Happy 4/20!!
I see that 394 of my friends have birthdays today… LOL if it’s REALLY your birthday, have a good one!! If it’s not, think about the folks who REALLY lucked into today and how people don’t believe them. Then put your right birthday out there. You can’t win every prize. Give the 4/20 babies their birthday back!! LMAO!!

So sad to hear that Christopher M

So sad to hear that Christopher M. Parker passed away today from a tragic car accident. He was my manager, and although I haven’t been with him very long, I was in contact with him a lot over the past couple of weeks. Every time we talked, he was encouraging, cheering me on and motivating me to be the best I could be. He was a special human being and I was really looking forward to getting to know him better. I had envisioned a long career with him by my side, but I will always carry his encouragement and kindness close to my heart.
My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, children, family and friends. He spoke so highly of his family, and it is obvious from all the posts that he was very loved.
Life is so short, and it is not fair…a good man gone too soon. Thank you for everything Christopher. Your memory will be a blessing to me. Rest in Peace, sir.

This is long but it may save some families thousands

This is long but it may save some families thousands,
I am passionate about encouraging performers to reach for their goals and more importantly protecting people against entertainment scams.
If you have a young performer in your life, you can’t afford to pass on this warning.
There seems to be a new scoundrel industry rearing it’s ugly head in the entertainment industry in the Bay Area and beyond. This con used to be aimed at younger performers dazzled by the idea of promising entertainment contracts.
Lately retirees, and hopeful actors across all ages groups are being taken advantage of as well. Those most often victimized are families of young performers in a scenario that goes like this.
Your school aged child brings you a paper announcing that a casting agent who has placed some kids in some show somewhere is coming to town and they will meet with a limited number of kids who want to be on Disney or Nickelodeon.
A phone call reveals you called just in time because they only have two appointments left for actors to meet a real life casting company representative.
Days or weeks later you join a room of hopefuls who are addressed for five minutes about a life in front of the camera with abounding wealth and reminders to – stay who you are – no matter what riches may be coming to you and your family.
Then, you are led into a small room where an artist management company representative is selling your young talented child on the glamour of show business.
“You’ll have to work really hard.” they tell the starry eyed hope filled child. The kid is hooked, nodding so hard in agreement and saying anything they think the person on the other side of the desk wants to hear.
They would promise to clean their room for a month of Sundays for a “chance.”
All this because they think they are talking to a real talent agent. All this because they have never been in a room with an adult telling lies and promising things they can not, will not deliver.
The building, waiting room and finally the little office all look just like they have seen on TV. Next comes the declarations and commitments from the other side of the desk.
With minor tweaks it will go like this. “My colleagues and I have discussed the potential of your remarkably gifted child and we all concur.” (Wait for it…) “Your child’s monologue about the cats that were stuck up in the tree, was profound. We have not seen such a talented young actor in a long time. In fact we feel she/he is in the top 2% of all talent we see, young and old.”
Then they look the parent in the eye and say one of the oldest “Con-man lines there are, “We are prepared to put our money where our mouth is.”
Suddenly a smiling new rep sticks his head in the door and says something like, “Is this him/her? Rep number one introduces the second sales rep as though you know him, “This is THE Joe Schmo.”
Joe Schmo takes a look at the child and says something like, “Your life is about to change forever. Are you ready for this?” The kid now panting uncontrollably with glassed over eyes squeaks out a high pitched yes, and the sting moves forward.
Joe Schmo nods to salesman # 1 and says the following manipulative memorised pre-close pitch. “I want to put more money behind her than the $40,000. John approved. I am overriding that amount. I am authorizing you to spend $75,000. on training this kid. He/She is going to work hard and do a great job, She’ll make her family proud. They will have a great career. She’ll pay for her college education in a few episodes. Plus we will help her transition into a healthy adult actor.”
Two heart warming smiles and handshakes and Joe Schmo disappears.
Salesman one says, “Did he just say that? He’s never ever said that before. Imagine $75,000? He is going to pay $75,000! I can’t believe it. You really impressed Joe Schmo”
Now comes the sting. Salesman number one pulls out a lengthy contract somewhere in a blank space he writes down $75,000 approved by Joe Schmo if the contract is signed today.
Then there is the space on the contract that says minimal financial commitment of parent. And here it comes. The minimum payment for acceptance of the contract is a check or agreement to a parental payment plan of $7500. This payment it says is to ensure that the child is fast tracked into the television and motion picture training program valued at $75,000.
Like any sales close the agent places the pen on the contract and pushes it at the parent and asks, “Will you be paying by check or credit card today? Or, do you prefer a payment plan for your menial part of the training program we are going to pay most of?”
The parent now in shock not understanding there would be a financial commitment on their part mutters, “I’ll need to speak with my spouse or the child’s grandparents.”
Next, the unsuspecting parent are bulldozed by a pro closer all the way to, ” Do you not love your child? Do not understand the opportunity before you? This is not some sort of a offer on the table for you to ponder because it goes away when you leave this office. Your child will forever remember what we were willing to do and what you refused to do to help them become a star. ”
The above scenario has happened too many times to families through the years.
The time to stop it is now.
Basic reminders are, if a deal seems too good to be true – – – it is.
Educate yourself before seeking an agent. Licenced Entertainment Agencies are licensed and reputable.
Each agency is different in what you need to send them for hopes of a representation audition.
To learn more before you get taken, see
On Tuesday, April 11 at 6:30 PM, Broadway Repertory Theater will present a unique and all-encompassing audition workshop in Brentwood, CA 94513. This one night workshop is for performers 18 years and older,and retirees looking to make some extra money. Parents of young actors who need information on the entertainment industry may also monitor the class. Topics include Getting Representation, Audition for Stage and On-Camera work, Musical Theatre auditions, Voice over, and a host of audition do’s and don’ts

Every time I throw a question to the internet

Every time I throw a question to the internet, it goes like this:
“Hi Internet, I’m looking for X, can anyone help?”
“I know nothing about X but here’s a lot of information about Y.”
“Did you mean X or Z?”
“What kind of idiot cares about X?”
“*snarky comment about X*”
“Actually, X isn’t what you think it is, and I’m going to give you lots of information you already know.”

Fort Jackson Drill Sergeants

Fort Jackson Drill Sergeants, if you need some dental instruments to clean weapons come to my office today or tomorrow 4-5 April and claim what you want.
0800-1600 4-5 April only
The sooner you come, the better your chances are at actually having some.
Just come over. No need to text or call. The times and date is listed for a reason.
Location: Hagen Dental Clinic near gate 2. Before the PX, across the gas station

Last chance to visit Fresh Fiction and comment on my guest blog post for a chance to win a signed print copy of my brand

Last chance to visit Fresh Fiction and comment on my guest blog post for a chance to win a signed print copy of my brand-spankin’ NEW release ONCE A COURTESAN, an audio copy of TO WED IN SCANDAL, & a wax letter-sealing kit! –Contest ends TONIGHT 🙂
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