I’ve been posting little snippets to tease you for the last two weeks, and this is the last one! 😉 But you can always scroll down my page to make sure you haven’t missed any…
BEWARE: If you have not read Dirty Talk 1 and 2, there may be spoilers below!
She had her laptop open and she wore ear buds. Her face and neck were flushed and his gaze jerked to the side of the computer to see the black flash drive he’d given her sticking out the side.
His eyebrow darted up.
“Are you listening to the recording I gave you?”
Her cheeks turned a deeper rose color.
“Yeah… Seeing you where I was that night… and me being where you were… reminded me. So I listened.”
A wide smile crept across his face.
“So you like it?”
She nodded, the rapid movement of her head and the eagerness in her eyes skyrocketing his ego.
Just like with the last two books, when you buy this story, you’ll also receive an erotic audio clip from the story. Be sure to listen to it alone–or with your lover—and be ready for your panties to melt right off! 😉
DIRTY TALK, SWEET RELEASE – out now!: books2read.com/u/38D7Ka

7 TOPICS TO CREATE SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT FOR BUSINESS… so you don’t have to struggle with content creation again

7 TOPICS TO CREATE SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT FOR BUSINESS… so you don’t have to struggle with content creation again.
Do you occasionally struggle with the creative process? To where you’re not sure what to make content on?
I want to give you a list from what how I create
1: What happened to me that day, and what I learned from it.
I don’t know about you, but I am learning learning learning every single day. I am growing as a person, as a man, as a coach, as a son, as a lover, as a businessman, friend, and a hundred other ways.
I take careful note of any and all breakthroughs I have mentally each day, make a note in my to do list manager, and then come back to it when I’m in a space to be creative.
Example topic: (Video or text post could be used to discuss a topic like this).
“I realized today the reason why I’m not creating a long term relationship is because of my fear of commitment…here’s what I now choose to believe instead…”
2. Create content which is an answer to a specific question your clients have asked you.
If you’re a coach/consultant/anyone who offers a service which is information based, then take CAREFUL NOTE of what questions your clients ask you. Then create content based on those questions.
For example: my clients frequently ask me what resources and gear I use (like websites I use, tech, and literal physical things I use too), if there is enough interest from my clients around this, I’ll create a resource for it.
I used about 3-4 things consistently last year to create multiple six figures while traveling the world. And none of them were a laptop.
If you (the reader of this post) wants a resource like this, let me know in the comments and I’ll get it to you when it’s done.
But if a client asks you for a meal plan, you can use a piece of content to tell people exactly what you ate that day, and why you ate it. Very few people will provide that much value for free, so you differentiate yourself by doing it, and show yourself to be an expert.
3. Share your life.
If you’re traveling or somewhere cool, share your life with us. Take a picture, show us that beautiful smile of yours.
Tell us where you are and what you love about it, tell us what you learned from a conversation with a friend. Share what interesting thing happened to you.
4. Ask a question
Whenever I have a problem or challenge I tend to ask my Facebook family what they think, whether it’s something to do with business, family, or otherwise.
Ex: Is gluten-free REALLY the best way to eat? Let me know if you’ve looked into this…
Keep it fun
Ex: “I’m curious: what do you love about tacos?”
5. Get vulnerable
Authenticity is what we are starved for as a social media generation. And where there is starvation, there is hunger.
Feed the people. Share your heart.
I frequently talk about my biggest challenges from the past and how I’ve overcome them.
Whether it’s been
– my former porn addiction
-my challenges with relationships
– my being broke for years and years as an adult before figuring out business
-my struggle with loneliness at times
– my feeling of not being enough, and on and on.
Sharing these challenges allows people to connect with me. Then when I share something I want to teach people experience me as an authority.
Since connection and authority are (among 2 other things, 1 of which I’ll share later in this post) the most important principles for someone to be influenced…it helps to be sharing content which gives your readers/viewers this experience continually.
6. Current events/stuff that’s happening in the world
People want to talk about what’s being talked about, so if you see something in the news or an article you read, tell us about it.
I encourage you to focus on two specific emotions which news and current events can give us:
1. Joy/passion/ecstasy
2. Outrage/frustration/also passion
The reason is because strong emotional energy attracts. Take note of this: Outrage is the most viral human emotion, so if you want to get attention, get upset about something.
Not like a child, not without a purpose, but intentional focused anger or sadness can actually be productive and create community around you.
I believe it’s ESSENTIAL to be both known for what you’re FOR and you’re AGAINST, not just one or the other.
7. Social proof
Sharing the results from your clients, like screenshots of their messages or wins they’ve shared with you, or even just their stories are inspiring.
Tell us what results you’ve helped someone else get, and we’ll trust you more.
On this point, one NINJA FREAKING TIP: when you share the results of you’re clients, highlight how great THEY ARE, not how great you are.
Why? Because when you demonstrate your client is a king, you become the king-maker.
Final note to share on these: most of these can be turned into opt in posts where you invite someone to work with you, join your group, get your free thing, come to your event, get tacos with you, etc…
But I’d recommend you do capture posts about 1/10 as often as you do value driven posts. It makes it super easy to say yes to your free thing when they experience a ton of value from you on a consistent basis.
P.S. Remember to let me know if you want the free gear guide I mentioned earlier. I won’t bother making it if I don’t think people are interested to know. 🙂

My Facebook Friends

My Facebook Friends!
It’s been a wild ride.
Here is my update in the middle of Feb we join (TCC) invested $300.00 dollars = 0.25 BITCOIN. Then we sat back for a week to watch this 100% automated cryptocurrency trading platform in action. It started producing profits from day one so we decided to add another $500.00 dollars. Now a total of $800.00 dollars.
We have not added another dime to the platform.
Today the total value now is $9510.89 = $8,710.89 net profit.
If you want info on this amazing system leave message below

We’re on Day 4 of our Grand European Tour with Viking River Cruises and today’s trip to Vienna’s Naschmarkt with our ship’s chef Jakob was by far the best excursion to this point

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We’re on Day 4 of our Grand European Tour with Viking River Cruises and today’s trip to Vienna’s Naschmarkt with our ship’s chef Jakob was by far the best excursion to this point. Chef shopped for fresh produce for this week’s meals (there are 170 mouths on board — not counting crew). He was particularly enamored with the white asparagus…as will we be when he turns the stalks into soup. Chef was funny, friendly, and treated us to a spread of antipasti, hummus, cheese and falafel (my first falafel). If you take a #VikingRiverCruise (and I hope you do), be sure to sign up for this mini excursion (only costs the price of a subway ticket).

Hi all

Hi all – quick note to share that NBC’s Nightly News is featuring The Nature Conservancy’s Palmyra Atoll Research Station at 7:00pm on Sunday night (tonight!). I recently had the once-in-life chance to visit Palmyra Atoll. It is truly one of the world’s most intact, and arguably best protected marine ecosystems. It is also a world class Research Station focused on conservation, science, and sustainability objectives. And the future significance of Palmyra for our planet has only begun. Tune in if you get the chance.

Just ask yourself #GOP Senators

Just ask yourself #GOP Senators, Congress people, and party leaders — what if it had been a terrorist organization or a Muslim nation that had hacked our election with false news and literally broke into either parties’ HQ via hacking to steal private info and then leaked it to sway an election — to influence and corrupt the most sacred of our democratic institutions… would you then be concerned for Democracy — the very foundation of our national interest??! I bet you would. And I bet your want us to wage all out war on whoever did it. So just remember, we are watching. We will remember. And so will history.

Pictures of our finished Derby HMO

Pictures of our finished Derby HMO. The result of my 1st JV project with Jonathan Ioannou. He’s played a blinder. We’ve another 2 projects in different stages of refurb as well potentially a much large project in the offing. If you’d like to learn more about these projects and how we’ve been working with investors then please ping me.

Computer update

Computer update…
The good news: the Simply Mac store in Bozeman didn’t charge me for the diagnostic work (which was nice of them, but hardly skin off their teeth: ….technician opens lid, sees unlit screen, hears motor running, determines problem: “Your display’s LED is broken”).
The bad news: I’m still without a laptop computer, which means little-to-no blogging for the foreseeable future, no writing (other than hand-scribbles in my notebooks–old school!), and limited responses to email (also consider the fact that I have 11,000+ unread/unopened emails–which is a whole ‘nother story).
The future: I’m still shopping around for a new computer. It will most likely be another MacBook Air (or possibly Pro), but am also flirting with an HP Envy. Stay tuned….

Next week

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Next week, Jean and I head out on our long-awaited trip aboard Viking River Cruises–sailing on the longship Mimir from Budapest to Amsterdam. So, reading this passage just now in Sinclair Lewis’ “Dodsworth” seemed apropos:
“…most Americans who think they have ‘seen Europe’ go home without any idea at all of its existence and what it stands for, and they perceive of Europe just loud-tongued guides, and passengers in trains looking unfriendly and reading Uhu or Le Rire. They have missed only everything that makes Europe!”
We don’t want to be “those people.” We’re gonna do our best to live in the moment and drink deeply from this, our first time together in Europe.

Have you read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

Have you read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods? When Starz announced that they were going to make the book into a series I couldn’t quite figure out how they would accomplish that. After seeing the first episode I’m like, wow! It was pretty darn close to the book and well done. Did you see it? What did you think?