it’s funny that you can scroll thru social media and find people that share their journey and you can either judge them or join them

it’s funny that you can scroll thru social media and find people that share their journey and you can either judge them or join them, whether you know their whole story or not.
I have been told that I wish they had my WILL POWER.
Well its as easy as this… my story started out as a high schooler who was overweight, who ate very unhealthy, who was very unhappy with who she was, who was ashamed.
Well as soon as I came to the realization that I was tired of feeling this way (Trust me, i tried every quick fix and fad diet out there and nothing worked) but it wasn’t until I realized I needed a lifestyle change.
So yes i have struggled with weight, with food, with motivation and even thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue. You name it and i have had a hard time with it, i promise you that! With sweat and tears. So my journey has been a progress through hardships that I still struggle with on my journey.
One thing I am very grateful and I love my husband is for loving me at every phase of my life but it’s thanks to him that I am been able to look push myself through adversity. .
Mom of 4, overweight, desperate for change, depression, stomach digestive issues, thyroid disease and extremely uncomfortable! Then life knocking me down to my knees… I said enough is enough!
So there is the sum of my story (a lot of ups and down in the process) for those of you who don’t know… but I am telling you this is not the end. My journey is still going! ♡ When there is a will there is a way and i am so grateful for finding a community and the right tools and programs that were just right for me to reach my goals. Was I skeptical…absolutely but it has been my best health decision ever!!
So what is my duty now? Not because I have to but because I truly believe I have.m a gift in my hands and it to help others along their journey as well. I will show you every step of the way and what has worked for my and the hundred of challengers I have helped. If you are ready…. comment below GIFT and I will message so we can chat!!

This is my… “WTF just happened” face

This is my… “WTF just happened” face
I wasn’t able to participate in Shaun week with the rest of my team and I know it is going to be hard… So now that I’m feeling better I figured I would work my way up to it next week by doing T25 Ab Intervals
I don’t know what planet I’m living on where I actually thought 25 minutes of abs with
Shaun T would be simple… That was 25 minutes of major #StruggleBus
Several times I honestly thought about giving up, but then I thought about a quote from a John Maxwell book I’m reading right now called “No Limits”.
He said that when most people feel like giving up they are really only operating at about 40% of their true capacity.
That really struck me right between the eyes.
It may not of been pretty, but every time I thought about giving up I thought about the fact that I was really only operating in the bottom range of my capacity and pushed through the difficulty…. and I did it!!!
It really IS all about mindset.
I am recommitting to myself to focus on increasing my capacity and changing my mindset on what my upper limit actually is!!! Who’s with me?! Who wants to work on increasing your upper limit?
#T25Focus #AbIntervals #NotPrettyButDone #MindOverMatter #GoingToBlowTheLidOffMyCapacity

WWE star taking time off

WWE star taking time off? Bischoff praises Joe/Lesnar
– With Sheamus having a role in the upcoming ‘Buddy Games’ film, there is talk about Sheamus being written off #WWE television in August. It’s believed that the filming will last at least a month if not longer. Actor Josh Duhamel will be directing the movie and co-starring with Sheamus.
– On his recent podcast, Eric Bischoff praised the Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar hype:
“I love that match-up, I can’t say enough about Samoa Joe and I think just chemistry-wise and intensity-wise, that’s a very natural match-up. So was Bill Goldberg, by the way, but Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar had history attached to it, they did a great job with that history. They had a great angle in WWE but Joe is fresh. This has never happened before and Joe is a guy who can go toe-to-toe with Lesnar with character, intensity and the ability to make me believe it in the ring. When they are standing there eye-to-eye and chest-to-chest I believe it, I think it’s great.”

This is the best really long sentence I have read in years

This is the best really long sentence I have read in years. FB won’t even let me share it in it’s exuberant entirety. Thinking of making an assignment where students experiment with how long they can make a sentence and still have it be a good sentence.
“So that if you’re sitting in the backseat of a late-nineties Pontiac Bonneville, being driven around the Atlanta suburbs so that your boyfriend—“romantic affiliate,” he was calling himself, at the time—can spend time with his boyhood best friend, who works nights and has to pay his probation officer that afternoon, but who then spends the rest of the afternoon trying to hustle your boyfriend/affiliate into footing the bill for a Percocet prescription, which involves a visit to a doctor who will write a prescription for fifty dollars and whose strip mall office bears the sign YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR with the F in FAMILY hanging askew, and then having given up on getting your boyfriend/affiliate to agree to funding said prescription, basically kidnaps your boyfriend and you along on a trip to pick up said prescription, never stopping the car until he parks it at Kroger, where the prescription is not available in an hour as promised, or even an hour later—a delay spent at Hick’ry House eating BBQ and then the Taco Mac sports bar drinking Budweisers, but even so a delay that becomes to your whatever, affiliate, absolutely excruciating, and ends in[…]”
Excerpt From: Dombek, Kristin. “The Selfishness of Others.” Farrar, Straus and Giroux. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.
Check out this book on the iBooks Store:

An irritating automotive mystery

An irritating automotive mystery. Suddenly at 1:30 AM our car alarm goes off. I went out and turned it off. It went off again. And, a few minutes later, again. I tried getting in, starting the engine, shutting off the engine, and locking the doors. No good.It would go off every couple minutes, so matter how many times we sent the signal not to. This is a serious matter in a rowhouse neighborhood, where you could wake up all your neighbors. Finally I had to disconnect the battery. No idea why this happened. The car had not been driven in 24 hours, so if it underwent some mechanical change (like a wire coming loose) it did so without the car being moved. It is true we were in an accident with that care about 6 weeks ago, and the battery was temporarily jostled, so that it required me to bang on the connection a couple times. But no problem with the alarm. Why would such a thing only manifest itself weeks later?
Tomorrow I shall either have to have the alarm fixed or disconnected. Insurance companies seem to require them. They of course are absolutely useless in preventing theft. Their only legitimate use is for finding the car in a large parking lot or garage. Back before cars had such things, we managed.


I have 3 spots available in my upcoming group. I’m looking for women who are ready to lose inches and gain confidence in 21 days to join me in my Summer BOOTCAMP starting after 4th of July!
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A fit bod is NOT out of your reach, you just need the right tools and the right plan. I am a mama bear of 2 who are just 18 months apart. Not only did I gain 80lbs between both pregnancies, but I was able to lose it and maintain it for 3 years!
Together we will focus on balance, moderation, and mindset that will not only create results, but a lifestyle you will keep!
If you’re ready to take control of YOUR body, comment below with “I AM READY!” The time is NOW!✨✌


As a household-commodity producer, I got to understand that the impression of a beautiful packaging does not last on a consumer if the product is of little or no quality.
I got to understand that the impression of a nice fragrance or smelling of a product does not last if the product has little or no value.
And I also got to understand that the impression of a captivating adverts and marketing of a product does not stay long if the product fails to deliver.
The same thing is also applicable when it comes to marital relationship. The beautiful looking woman, handsome looking man, nice voice, straight legs, good set of teeth, tall height, long hair, glowing skin, good education, reputable and well paid job, etc. the impression of all these does not last in marriage before you will face the reality of marriage life.
As a married Christian minister, here is my advice for you as a Christian single:
To the single brothers, “Do not be fooled by outward packaging of a woman but focus on virtues and godliness.” Beauty, either natural or artificial, has nothing to do with healthy marriage, but godliness and virtues. Beauty without virtues and godliness is a waste bin.
To the single sisters, “Do not focus on what a man drives but on what drives him.” The Spirit of God that drives a man and the divine vision that drives him are more important than a big car or cash.
Many single men with big televisions have no vision for the future, and also a single man driving nice car without having Spirit of God that drives him will end up in an accidental marriage.



~ Interview with Elijah Ray

~ Interview with Elijah Ray
After a number of amazing encounters with this man and some tantalising conversations I am excited to finally publish this interview.
“I never doubted music as a path, but I doubted if the world is ready for the kind of music I want to make.”
Highly recommend to everyone who’s following their heart in the world, creating their own way and supporting conscious evolution. Elijah now tours globally playing at the worlds biggest consciousness events, and he takes us back in time to talk about some of his doubts and challenges to getting where he is now.
Our topics included…:
– The Power Of The Word (Congruence & Responsibility) [Vid2]
– Following Your Heart & Being A Pioneer [Vid 3]
– Staying Present & Supporting Each Other .. [Vid 4]
– Spontaneity, Fun, Imagination & an Energetic Gift [Vid 5]
My favourite bit is the 5th Video, lol… we go completely out of the box to any traditional ‘interview’ techniques – it’s interesting and fun to say the least.
I’ve been watching the thought of doing these interviews in the back of my mind for a while. I quite often find myself in conversations where Im asking non-traditional questions and pull things out of the field. So, there may be more of these coming. 😉 The intention as outlaid in the first intro vid was not a traditional Q&A but a discourse and exploration of what shows up when we lead from intention.
If you know anyone who could benefit, please share, tag etc. <3 Big thanks to Amel Tresnjic & Dan A'Vard for the audio tech advice 😉 Christine Cole feel you will enjoy the 5th video 😉