• Coke puts out a new version with ‘stevia’ in it which is still probably proven to clean drains

• Coke puts out a new version with ‘stevia’ in it which is still probably proven to clean drains, dissolve oil, rust etc (imagine what it does to your insides)… people still try it, no questions asked…
• Jordan puts out a new tennis shoe and people buy it
• Matthew McConaughey is the spokesman for a car and people want it
• Apple releases a new iPhone and people stand in line for hours to buy it
• Oprah promotes a weight loss program and everyone jumps on board with no hesitation
• One Direction releases a cologne and it becomes viral on social media
• Starbucks shares a unicorn in a cup that is completely unhealthy and everyone goes out and tries it
• or big Pharma has another wonder drug with 100 side effect but must be ok because the FDA said so…
• When a friend or family member starts a new business, people are wary of supporting it
What’s happening?
Why are we so quick to support someone we don’t know?
Yet, we come up with a million reasons to not support someone we know and trust…
Plus you already know they are the kind of person who would have done ALL of the research that you would not have even thought of because of their illness, and would never get involved in anything that wasn’t ethical or less than amazing.
When you support small businesses or direct sales you are helping families the way their products help you!
Your contributions to big fat corporations do not have the same impact and are just lining shareholders pockets.
I definitely try to support local and small business as much as I can .
So, the next time you see a friend posting on social media about their business, don’t hate on them or be jealous.
Give them a quick like, comment✍ or share and help spread the word.
You don’t even have to buy the product. However, your support will help them to gain more exposure for their business. It really does help!
Hats off and much respect to all entrepreneurs and start-ups out there!! Good luck to you

Tahir jabbar Productions Presents Thrilling & Exciting Song In Reply Of Indian Propaganda About Muslims & Pakistan

Tahir jabbar Productions Presents Thrilling & Exciting Song In Reply Of Indian Propaganda About Muslims & Pakistan .
Song : India
Singer : Tahir Jabbar
Lyrics & Concept : Tahir Jabbar
Director : Tahir Jabbar
Music By Naveed Sami
Recorded In Evernew Studio Lahore
Post By Naveed Khan
Models : Nida Malik , Israr Rajpoot , Savera Ch , Sehar Ch , M Qasim , Rehan Khan , Babar Saleem , Nadir Saleem , Qasim Malik , Mohsin Khan , Usama Gill , Gazanfar Ali Etc
D.o.p : Tahir Shah
Still Photography : Shaheryar Khan
MakeUp Artist : Rana Waris
Produced By Tahir jabbar Productions
Watch & Download Video Song From This Link

Download Audio Song From This Link

Life is good

Life is good, but some days are better than others . On the way to the animal shelter where we volunteer twice a week, we drove past a little lump in the lane when Andrea noticed the ‘lump’ were kittens and they were alive! Stopped the car, jumped out and indeed, two tiny kittens snuggled together, looking so pitiful. We searched for mum or siblings but couldn’t find anything so the babies had to be rescued of course. It was a miracle that they hadn’t been run over. Andrea and their guest Chantal went to the vet while the rest of us went ahead to the shelter. An hour later, kitties came back, all healthy just starving, cleaned up with all necessary steps taken. And the best thing? Chantal has adopted them and is taking them home to Switzerland!!! That’s the great news, and the good news? Passing the storage room at the shelter I spotted two handmade 19th century quilts which had been donated for dog bedding. Noooooooo, couldn’t stand the thought of them being cut up and clawed to bits so made a donation and took them home. They are soaking in the bath and as they are not in good shape, will be made into cushions and sachets etc. A good day indeed xxx

I owe this reminder to Diego Neon for his excellent transformational performance art of becoming David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust and humbly not receiving any credit in the prestigious Rolling Stone Magazine for his performance and ingenuity in fashion

I owe this reminder to Diego Neon for his excellent transformational performance art of becoming David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust and humbly not receiving any credit in the prestigious Rolling Stone Magazine for his performance and ingenuity in fashion, make up application and self discipline. He worked so hard and he is from Argentina. I would love to thank him. He was given credit on another site which was linked in the RS article. What a graceful grant of my wishes. Adam Francis Cornford, we need to know with more authority how to gain your NICU Records from the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Newcastle is a beer brand and all I can find online since you have been feeling bad and going through so much strain on your body is beer. I wanted to see how Diego Neon has been doing since his big win of one of David Bowie’s last breakthrough contests. But the first thing that came up was this and I realized, your records may be in a study archive for breakthrough transformational blood transfusion technology. I cannot look through so many advertisements for badly poisonous rock collections with no expiry dates. I haven’t seen any news. This page may be a dead end but you experienced a toxic reaction to your mother mother’s malaria antibodies from when she contracted malaria as a small child in an experimental agricultural zone. The terrible mistake that Jeremy Corbyn made when he used Materials from Carcanet’s published list I don’t know if he had their permission. All I know is that I understand data bases and how they work. It should not be this hard to combine your neonatology records into your current health records at Rupi Manns clinic. Maybe Glenna Knotts can help you because I’m really worried that something is wrong in Newcastle with archival records and databases. What happens to others your age in your rare medical circumstances. Your mother died from liver failure and total memory loss. I want to watch Labyrinth but I can’t because I think about your mother loosing her memory and asking again and again who is that baby? Adam who is that baby. And you had to say mama it’s your grandson he’s Raphael. Oh how nice she would say. And then ten minutes later, Adam… who is that baby? You’re having memory problems and I can’t watch that movie and hear “you remind me of the babe.” “What babe?” “Babe with the power” “who do?” “You do.” “Do what?” “Remind me of the babe.” We cannot keep circling the same memories and not have remember because the records are not online for you. I see everything else. But not you. I even see James Cornford with a business registered to Calico. This morning we talked about Calico twice and then we ran into a building called the same word and you didn’t understand or really remember. We are supposed to follow the cats. I cannot find your records if we don’t know what category you are in. Glenna can you help us get his malaria baby records? He had 3 full blood transfusions during the first three days of his life and we don’t know any of the outcomes since 1950.

Do you remember there was a time when Dorothy and Toto got caught in a hurricane and Dot’s house flew away and she hit her head hard and woke up in Oz

Do you remember there was a time when Dorothy and Toto got caught in a hurricane and Dot’s house flew away and she hit her head hard and woke up in Oz? A lot of people insist Oz has a lot of symbolism to mean all kinds of things. That place might as well have been outer space. There’s a load of movies with plot vehicles of headbanger’ amnesia. Oz wasn’t necessarily a euphemism for an alternate universe or spiritual path. Loads of things were inarguably literal, poppies can make you pass out quite nicely for a good long while. A prism can make a rainbow. I would have to work harder than I can afford within the context of a Facebook post to explain the science behind Technicolor because that is a brand and it is branded to a different product in the US than in the U.K. And I have too many U.K. Friends to exclude or confuse them. But in the best metaphor I can give, just imagine a really big set of Prismacolors (TM), the pencils with the most colors in one set that cost a super amount of money and require a special sharpener to get the most appreciable artistic value from all the hues that can be applied to your artwork. Compare that to a little prism. Compare that to a cardboard kaleidoscope. Compare that to one of those massive brass kaleidoscopes you ever saw with all the imaging fractals imaginable that change when you spin them around. Technicolor is nothing like that except in one regard. I am not sure who truly invented and gave his life’s worth in dollars and pounds to die in obscurity for those. It takes balls to invent. And the more innovative it is, AND the more transformative and difficult to break apart and reproduce it is, the more likely no one will ever know you unless they look in the gutter.
This Absolute Beginner has her dear friend Lord Plastic Tenor And The Bovine Licking Stick the thank for their close advisory work that they never were asked to provide me nor paid back for all the gave to do it. <3 This is the Story of Peter Jackyl and the Glassmith. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. == Berol == The Eagle Pencil Company founded in the 1800s in Yonkers, [[New York (state)|New York]] on John Street. After 5 years, Daniel Berozlzheimer’s son Henry purchased the city’s first iron framed building for the new factory. The company produced pens, pencils, pen holders and erasers. In 1897, the London branch confirmed the policy of selling manufactured goods with high quality. Over the years, the company changed focus and goods. In 1952, Margros Ltd was founded by Mr. P.G.Hooley, who invented Powdered Colour and sold it directly to schools. Business grew such that the owners were unable to finance operations adequately, and the company was sold to Eagle Pencil Company in 1967.{{cite web|title=Berol History|url=http://www.berol.co.uk/berolhistory.html|website=www.berol.co.uk|accessdate=May 17, 2016}}
The company which later became Osmiroid International was started in 1824 by James Perry who joined his brother in the pen{{nbhyph}}making business. In 1989, the company was bought by Berol Ltd. The Newell Company joined forces with Berol on November 2, 1995. The merging of the two companies made Berol a branch of the Sanford Corporation.

I hear a lot that “the timing is not right” or “life is about timing

I hear a lot that “the timing is not right” or “life is about timing.” People seem to want to believe that there is something external to us, outside of our control, that controls our fate. The truth, at least how I see it, is that life is not about timing. It is about choices and decisions. The right time is when YOU DECIDE it is the right time. You can decide at any time to pursue your dream. Spend a few moments dreaming and visualizing what it would be like to achieve your dreams. It’s up to you to make the decision to do it or not do it. It has nothing to do with timing.

July 5

July 5 – A special Happy Birthday to the great American artist Chuck Close! He was born on July 5, 1940 in Monroe, Washington. He is a wonderful inventive artist who is a painter and photographer. His amazing large scale portrait paintings are powerful. Also his daguerreotype portraits made with expert contemporary daguerreotypist Jerry Spagnoli are very impressive. This was a wonderful collaboration! I first saw his daguerreotype images at the Corcoran in D.C. and was really taken by the portraits frozen in time using electronic flash. He did a wonderful commencement talk at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art), which I still remember and found inspiring. He is definitely one of my favorite contemporary artists! Here is a group of “Self portrait daguerreotype” images done in 2000. In 2009 he made a series titled “Tapestries” using some of his daguerreotype portraits. These images are large woven mural-sized textiles made using an electronic Jacquard loom. Charles Thomas “Chuck” Close is 77 today.

I switched my truck’s insurance to State Farm last week

I switched my truck’s insurance to State Farm last week. I was shocked by not only the amount I saved with the move from Alfa, but the coverage I got with it. I had been with Alfa for years now, and I felt comfortable keeping them. But when they screwed me over by cancelling my insurance without calling me, along with hiking up the monthly price before combined with reactivation fees that added up…I felt the move to another insurance was best.
They were very patient and good at helping me. Knowing I had coverage not only for the person I may injure, but myself with this coverage made me feel good. It’s a rough situation trying to find the right coverage. However, I was unaware at how much I could get. So I recommend them a lot.

Embrace responsibility

Embrace responsibility
Stop hoping that someone or something or some lucky event will rescue you from responsibility. Instead, embrace responsibility.
Embrace responsibility, and feel the power of your own potential as it is deployed.
Discover how strong you are and how your strength grows with every exertion.
Effort spent running, hiding from responsibility is wasted effort. Responsibility always will catch up to you.
So don’t let responsibility grab you from behind. Run eagerly toward responsibility, ready to take hold of it, doing the work to make it work for you.
Put yourself in the most advantageous position by aligning yourself with responsibility.
Respect and appreciate the power of responsibility, and you’ll be able to handle it well.
Feel your purpose by putting it into action. Embrace responsibility, and live up to your highest potential.

All About My Sins

All About My Sins
We should accuse only ourselves
We see people’s sins, but we don’t know whether they have made peace with God.
We don’t know if the person who has sinned regrets it, but we are not called to judge them, but only to forgive them.
As we become aware of our own sins, and begin to realize how much forgiveness and mercy we need, we are less likely to see the sins of others.
If we find ourselves judging others, we must simply turn it around, and judge only ourselves. Abba Dorotheos’ Practical Teaching on the Christian Life…, is a book every Orthodox Christian should own, and one that should be our constant companion, in our struggle to truly forgive others, and turn our gaze on our own need for change.
We must accuse ourselves, blame ourselves, judge ourselves, and get our focus off the other person. The only way we can overcome the sin of judging others, is to see only the sins of ourselves. True repentance comes only when we work on our own fallen nature. – Abbot Tryphon