5 days in Myanmar

Ok this is bizarre. I’ve not heard of this before. It’s nuts. Sorry for the tourist. She gambled, and lost her life. Don’t forget to join in our 

5 days in Myanmar 

http://myanmardiscovery.com/trip-ideas/off-the-beaten-track/exotic-trip-sittwe-mrauk-u-5-days/  to discover this beautiful country. 

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  1. I’ve been on that beach for takeoff several times, but never near the fence. One time we saw a woman get her sunglasses busted in half while they were still on her face! She also had sand burns on her face, neck, and arms. There’s a bar right next to the beach, and even though there are warning signs about the jet blast, they promote it to tourists. Not a responsible thing to do.

  2. I used to live there (actually I lived on Saba – a little island a few miles from St. Maarten). I’ve done it a few times – once by accident and a couple of time taking friends who were visiting. It’s actually fun – a bit crazy, yes – but fun! They usually block the road when a heavy jet is taking off – every once in a while a mini van or small car will get blown over.

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