All I wanted was a blow dryer

(Please share to prevent this from happening to other girls) So here I am rocking this joe dirt hair style for the new year courtesy of Ulta Beauty and hot tools. I just got done getting all checked out… along with the front of my hair being burned off my forehead and hand are also burned… I realize Ulta does not make this hair dryer but upon researching I’ve discovered multiple reviews of this happening on their very own website. So they knew and continued to sell it. Anyone can look on ulta’s site and see I’m not the only one who’s been hurt. It’s the hot tools turbo ionic dryer. I posted a pic of it. I’ve gotten two from them… the blow dryer that did this to me was my replacement for the previous that also started smoking on me… All I wanted when I called them about this issue was yet again another free replacement blow dryer but this time of a different brand. They offered me a $20 gift card to the store. like really? Do you really think that cuts it?! my hairs gone!!! And It burned me! I should’ve had my pick of hair dryers. so even though I LOVE Ulta I don’t like the way I was treated after this happened. I will now buy ALL of my makeup from sephora. Also a big thanks to Tommy Hannon for calling me right away. All concerned about me and my hair do. I wouldn’t have known what to do with out you advising me on the next step. All I wanted was a blow dryer! Jeez….

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