Just realized I’m spending the Star Trek 50th Anniversary here in San Francisco, California, home of Starfleet Academy in the future!

Just realized I’m spending the Star Trek 50th Anniversary here in San Francisco, California, home of Starfleet Academy in the future!
Star Trek has had such an inspiring influence in my life. Despite all the dystopian portrayals of what the future would be like in films and television, this series was one of the few that celebrated that at the core of humanity’s nature is a righteous impulse to explore the universe, help others, and keep improving everything.
Throughout the series self-actualization was made possible by advancements in science and technology, making the perception of scarcity (the source of most wars, poverty, and other counterproductive public policies) a thing of the past.
One of these days I would love to put a group of futurist friends together (or join a group) for a long weekend retreat somewhere and conjure visions of what a new, character-driven science fiction series could look like that still keeps the essence of balancing realism with a positive attitude about the future. #futurism #startrek50 #sciencefiction.

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All I wanted was a blow dryer

(Please share to prevent this from happening to other girls) So here I am rocking this joe dirt hair style for the new year courtesy of Ulta Beauty and hot tools. I just got done getting all checked out… along with the front of my hair being burned off my forehead and hand are also burned… I realize Ulta does not make this hair dryer but upon researching I’ve discovered multiple reviews of this happening on their very own website. So they knew and continued to sell it. Anyone can look on ulta’s site and see I’m not the only one who’s been hurt. It’s the hot tools turbo ionic dryer. I posted a pic of it. I’ve gotten two from them… the blow dryer that did this to me was my replacement for the previous that also started smoking on me… All I wanted when I called them about this issue was yet again another free replacement blow dryer but this time of a different brand. They offered me a $20 gift card to the store. like really? Do you really think that cuts it?! my hairs gone!!! And It burned me! I should’ve had my pick of hair dryers. so even though I LOVE Ulta I don’t like the way I was treated after this happened. I will now buy ALL of my makeup from sephora. Also a big thanks to Tommy Hannon for calling me right away. All concerned about me and my hair do. I wouldn’t have known what to do with out you advising me on the next step. All I wanted was a blow dryer! Jeez….

The Texas weather is a disaster, almost certainly a climate-change-fueled one

The Texas weather is a disaster, almost certainly a climate-change-fueled one. The social and political response may be another one. Ordinary people are already heroes doing what is needed. The authorities often make huge mistakes, based on their assumptions about human nature and their overvaluation of property, their undervaluation of life. Disaster sociologists say, "There is no such thing as a natural disaster."
Who are you? Who are we? In times of crisis, these are life and death questions. Thousands of people survived Hurricane Katrina because grandsons or aunts or neighbors or complete strangers reached out to those in need all through the Gulf Coast and because an armada of boat owners from the surrounding communities and as far away as Texas went into New Orleans to pull stranded people to safety. Hundreds of people died in the aftermath of Katrina because others, including police, vigilantes, high government officials and the media, decided that the people of New Orleans were too dangerous to allow them to evacuate the septic, drowned city, or to rescue them, even from hospitals. Some who attempted to flee were turned back at gunpoint or shot down. Rumors proliferated about mass rapes, mass murders, and mayhem that turned out later to be untrue, though the national media and New Orleans’s police chief believed and perpetrated those rumors during the crucial days when people were dying on rooftops, elevated highways and in crowded shelters and hospitals in the unbearable heat without adequate water, without food, without medicine and medical attention. Those rumors led soldiers and others dispatched as rescuers to regard victims as enemies. Others were murdered as a result, but not by the people the media scrutinized. Beliefs matter—though more people act beautifully despite their beliefs than the reverse.
Katrina was an extreme version of what goes on in many disasters, where how you behave depends on whether you think your neighbors or fellow citizens are a greater threat than the havoc wrought by a disaster or a greater good than the property in houses and stores around you. (Citizen, in this book, means members of a city or community, not people in possession of legal citizenship in a nation.) What you believe shapes how you act. How you act results in life or death, for yourself or others, like everyday life, only more so. Katrina was, like most disasters, also full of altruism: of young men who took it upon themselves to supply water, food, diapers, and protection to the strangers stranded with them, to people who sheltered neighbors, to the uncounted hundreds or thousands who set out in boats—armed, often, but also armed with compassion—to find those who were stranded in the stagnant waters and bring them to safety, to the two hundred thousand or more who volunteered to house complete strangers, mostly in their own homes, via the Internet site hurricanehousing.org in the weeks after, more persuaded by the pictures of suffering than the rumors of monstrosity, to the uncounted tens of thousands of volunteers who came to the Gulf Coast to rebuild and restore.
In the wake of an earthquake, a bombing or a major storm, most people are altruistic, urgently engaged in caring for themselves and those around, strangers and neighbors as well as friends and loved ones. The image of the selfish, panicky or regressively savage human being in times of disaster has little truth to it. Decades of meticulous sociological research on behavior in disasters, from the bombings of World War II to floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and storms across the continent and around the world, have demonstrated this. But belief lags behind, and often the worst behavior in the wake of a calamity is on the part of those who believe that others will behave savagely and that they themselves are taking defensive measures against barbarism. From 1906 San Francisco to 2005 New Orleans, innocents have been killed by people who believed that their victims were the criminals and they themselves were the protectors of the shaken order. Belief matters.
Katrina is often viewed as a moment when civil society was defeated and disaster capitalism triumphed. The profiteers did well, and the hurricane provided cover for destroying longstanding social institutions such as Charity Hospital, along with most public housing in New Orleans. The toll is enormous. But the balance sheet is more complicated than that. Thanks to Katrina, the Bush Administration lost its mandate of heaven. Perhaps the president and his team should have lost it in the chaos of September 11, 2001, but they cannily framed that situation in a way that led to a surge of patriotic fear and deference and defined the administration as decisive, powerful, unquestionable—until the summer of 2005. Only then did the media and public begin to criticize the administration with the fearlessness that should be part of every era, every democracy. Many reporters standing in the ruins of the Gulf voiced unscripted outrage over the incompetence, callousness, and cluelessness of the federal government during the catastrophe. After Katrina, people who had been afraid to criticize the administration were emboldened to do so. It changed the tone nationwide, and Bush soon became the most unpopular president in American history.
On September 1, the president said “I don’t think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees.” The media later obtained videotape of him being warned of that possibility on August 28. The public too began to speak out more fearlessly that summer. Poverty and race became issues again. MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann was so outraged by Katrina that on September 5, 2005, he launched into a furious, widely circulated tirade against the Bush Administration, the beginning of his Special Comments that were routinely the most hostile critique of the president in the mainstream media and one of the most noted. “It wasn’t Iraq that did George Bush in–it was the weather,” he said in 2007. By then a liberal black man with a background in community organizing had become a serious contender to succeed that president in the 2008 election—an unimaginable possibility not long before; and another democratic contender for the White House launched his campaign in New Orleans and made poverty its central issue. The nation shifted, not only from deference to the president but from fealty to the politics of the far right, and Katrina was the turning point.
— A Paradise Built in Hell.
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I have seen patrons and baiting customers

I don’t blame this BK worker…I have seen patrons and baiting customers push all the buttons and then turn on the camera when they get the reaction they want to post. I’m thinking customers who approach a retail counter or clerk with camera rolling – need to be denied service. ITS a GAME now. Peapod is the great world for customer want to shop grocery online. Now, it is fast, easy and efficient to purchase quality food from your home with Peapod delivery service. Enjoy reliable quality, reasonable prices with peapod coupon code existing customer

Saigon Phan Thiet 2 Days

Self-centered at the appointment in District 1, departing to Phan Thiet, on the way to visit Long Thanh breakfast. Starting Phan Thiet Tour – Ke Ga Lighthouse 2 Days 1 Night. After that, the delegation started the dream road with Ba Ria – Long Hai – Loc An – Ho Coc – Ho Tram – Binh Chau – Ke Ga – Suoi Nhum, connecting the beaches, the most beautiful resorts Southeast South Pole and South Pole.
You can see the natural scenery with blue sea, white sand and sunshine, along with the special artisanal resorts and resorts such as Anoasis resort, Tropicana resort, Lazi Beach Resort, Rock Water Bay, Sai Gon Suoi Nhum, especially Five Star Casino Hotel The Grand – Ho Tram Strip …To Ham Thuan Nam (Binh Thuan province – the province with the largest area of ​​dragon fruit in Vietnam) do not foot to you to view and take pictures of a dragon fruit garden along the road.
Continue to visit Ke Ga Lighthouse – the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam with over 115 years of age by boat or basket full (cost self) of fishermen in the sea, the delegation can conquer 183 steps inside Hai Post to enjoy the pristine beauty of the sea here. Continue Saigon Phan Thiet 2 Days to conquer Mui Ne sand hill, you join the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road and watch the boats of fishermen on landing at Mui Ne boat landing. After enjoying the sweet taste of coconut 3 times (cost self-sufficiency), you continue to conquer Sand Hill, watch the immense desert subdivision, join the game sand slide and admire the sunset. kissing on the sea.


 Kim Bong carpentry village was established in the 15th century, to the end of the 16th century and beginning of the 17th century, began to develop strongly along the prosperous pace of Hoi An town. This time, Hoi An exchanges with foreign countries, created the premise for the traditional carpentry of Vietnam is mixed, distillation of different carpentry styles, satisfying many tastes, forming a sharp the private Kim Bong carpentry in Hoi An vietnamtraditionalvillage.com/traditional-villages-in-the-center.
In the 18th century, Kim Bong carpentry village formed three distinct groups. Carpentry construction, not only contributed to shaping the architecture of the ancient town of Hoi An, and saved many vestiges in Da Nang, the ancient capital of Hue … but also crossed the ocean by merchant ships in the country. far. Carpentry to build boats, meet the demand for trade with the type of boat to travel far, large payload such as elected ghe. Carpentry, making products for people’s living with high technical and aesthetic level. Along with that, the masonry painting, sculpture of the mascot also contributed to Kim Bong became a convergence of many Vietnamese elite.
Today, despite the golden age, the Kim Bong carpentry workers still make great contributions to the restoration and preservation of ancient monuments, and still swept everywhere to build the house. ancient, traditional three-storey house. In addition, handicraft carpentry also flourished when it began to travel.
According to the artisans Kim Bong Carpentry, carpentry here has never "died". The persistence and vitality of the village over hundreds of years has shown that, although sometimes hidden, but with love trade, the abundance of products with wood, construction, shipbuilding and fine. Kim Bong carpentry is still "living".

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33rd Annual Christmas New Orleans Style Event Overview
Reveillon Feasts, Cathedral Concerts, Festive Events, Hotel Deals
‘Cause it’s Christmastime in New Orleans
New Orleans – recently named one of the "Best Places to Go in 2018" by Frommer’s Travel Guides and "One of the Best Food Cities in the World" by Food & Wine – will celebrate the 33rd annual Christmas New Orleans Style (CNOS) with Reveillon feasts at over 50 of the city’s finest restaurants, 80 special holiday events including more than a dozen free concerts produced by French Quarter Festivals, Inc. (FQFI), and Papa Noël hotel deals for all budgets.
CNOS is a collaboration between FQFI and the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation (NOTMC). Throughout December, FQFI works closely with local retailers, restaurants, hotels, arts and community organizations to produce and promote quality holiday events. FQFI President and CEO Emily Madero said, "As New Orleans prepares to celebrate its 300th anniversary – and FQFI its 35th – Christmas New Orleans Style will celebrate our cultural heritage and showcase the best of NOLA’s emerging talent. Our concert lineup at historic St. Louis Cathedral and St. Augustine Catholic Church features the city’s most beloved, talented musicians; at restaurants all over the city, diners can take a bite of history with a traditional Reveillon dinner or enjoy our haute cuisine by selecting a contemporary menu. From traditional to modern, we have so much to offer!"
Christmas New Orleans Style 2017 kicks off on Thursday, November 16 with the French Market District’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony followed by the French-American Chamber of Commerce’s Beaujolais Nouveau Celebration on November 17. CNOS ends on Twelfth Night, January 6, 2018 when the Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc parades in the French Quarter and Phunny Phorty Phellows board the St. Charles Avenue streetcar to herald the start of Carnival. Other events include: nightly excursions through the magnificent lighting display at City Park’s Celebration in the Oaks; ice skating, gingerbread houses, and carnival rides at NOLA ChristmasFest; holiday cookie decorating for kids at the Hilton Riverside; historical characters strolling in the French Quarter; caroling in Jackson Square; holiday steamboat cruises; theatrical and musical performances; special tours of private homes dressed in Pu Luong home stay tour 

http://puluongvietnam.com/pu-luong-homestay-tour/ party ; a Christmas parade down Canal Street; Reindeer Run for children; and a second-line for neighborhood students led by the Outlet Collection at Riverwalk’s Singing Santa & the Riverwalk Jazz Band. More than 80 activities are planned, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy incredible dining, shopping, and culture.
St. Louis Cathedral and St. Augustine Church Concerts
Christmas New Orleans Style celebrates New Orleans’ rich musical heritage with jazz musicians, gospel choirs, classical ensembles, and others performing the sounds of the season with concerts at St. Louis Cathedral located in Jackson Square and St. Augustine Church located in historic Treme. Concerts at St. Louis Cathedral take place at 6 p.m. on December 4-7 and 10-14. Another concert, the annual St. Louis Cathedral Basilica Holiday Concert takes place Sunday, December 17 at 5:30 p.m., prior to Caroling in Jackson Square. Concerts at St. Augustine take place at 4pm on Saturday, December 2, 9, and 16.
Enjoy performances from Ellis Marsalis, Beau Soleil Trio avec Michael Doucet, The Boutté Family, Don Vappie, and many more. All concerts are free and open to the public. For a complete schedule visit the French Quarter Festivals, Inc. website at fqfi.org.
Reveillon Dinners
Reveillon, an adaptation of a traditional Creole holiday dining custom, will be celebrated nightly in almost 50 restaurants throughout the city. Menus showcase the feasts of Christmas past, present, and future: Four Reveillon restaurants – Antoine’s, Galatoire’s, Commander’s Palace, and Tujague’s – are more than 100 years old and feature classic Creole cuisine. Contemporary Reveillon utilizes preparation techniques and products of the modern day not necessarily available to the original Creoles. These meals can be enjoyed at The Grill Room, Restaurant R’evolution, Seaworthy, and many more. Reveillon menus are offered only once a year, making CNOS the only time guests can enjoy this authentic taste of New Orleans. New participants include: Cafe Dauphine, The Country Club, Curio, Fountain Lounge, The Old Coffeepot Restaurant, Public Service, The Royal House, and Tommy’s Cuisine. Diners can indulge in Reveillon at Fountain Lounge for $24 or be treated to Commander’s Palace decadent seven-course dinner for $100.
Reveillon on the Rocks
The Reveillon dinner has been celebrated in homes and restaurants all over New Orleans since the 1850s. Local bartenders now create both classic and original cocktails to capture the spirit of Reveillon, one-sip-at-a-time. Beginning December 1 and continuing until the last toast on New Year’s Eve, and at some spots lasting through Twelfth Night (January 6), more than 20 bars and restaurants will say "Cheers to the Holiday Season" with a total of 35 spirited libations. In 2017 FQFI welcomes new participants Public Belt and The Sazerac Bar.
Cooking Demonstrations
Christmas New Orleans Style serves up a series of cooking demonstrations from many of New Orleans’ finest chefs. FQFI, NOTMC, and WWL-TV team up to bring the "12 Days of Reveillon." For three weeks in December (12/7-22), WWL-TV will showcase New Orleans’ great chefs, preparing items from their 2017 Reveillon menus each morning between 8 and 9 a.m. Chefs include: Joe Maynard (Criollo), Guy Sockrider (Tujague’s), Matt Regan (The Bistreaux at Maison Dupuy), John Martin (Tableau), Jason Klutts (Kingfish Kitchen and Cocktails), Jana Billiot (Restaurant R’evolution), Eric Cook (Tommy’s Cuisine), Tory McPhail (Commander’s Palace), Daniel Causgrove (Seaworthy), Frank Brigtsen (Brigtsen’s Restaurant), and Erik Veney (Muriel’s Jackson Square). The Chef Holiday Cooking Demonstrations are sponsored by Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine.
Papa Noël Hotel Rates
Christmas New Orleans Style gives the gift of a memorable holiday encounter that can only be experienced in New Orleans. Travelers can take advantage of special offers at more than 50 of the city’s finest hotels and bed and breakfasts that feature attractive nightly Papa Noël discounted rates and luxurious value packages to visitors as their gift of the season. New participants in 2017 include: Terrell House Bed and Breakfast, Alder Hotel, Intown Suites, and NOPSI.
For complete Christmas New Orleans Style information and schedules, or to request a guidebook, visit fqfi.org.
Christmas New Orleans Style 2017 is produced by French Quarter Festivals, Inc. in collaboration with New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation. French Quarter Festivals, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to drive economic impact through investing in New Orleans unique cultural industries. FQFI also produces French Quarter Festival presented by Chevron (April) and Satchmo SummerFest presented by Chevron (August).

Pu Luong Reatreat hotel

FRIENDS! ‘Need wine for the 

Pu Luong Reatreat hotel 

http://puluongvietnam.com/pu-luong-retreat-tour/ ? Sip with impact with OneHopewine where every bottle has a cause partner! Its all about give back!
I HAD to share our Back Friday wine sale!
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Pu luong trekking tour

I was on 

Pu luong trekking tour 

http://puluongvietnam.com/pu-luong-tour-trekking/ new culinary walking tour of Strasbourg at the christening and it was fabulous. (I would take the whole cruise again just to repeat this tour.) The walking tour of Worms following the footsteps of Martin Luther was done well, but the lack of extant sites and subject matter made it less popular, as one might expect.