Mekong Delta 2 Day Tour

Down the paddle on the boat with the three beautiful girls, tourists enjoy the birds of heaven sky fish fish immense, pink lotus covered the water, turn the clump of green dust off the core on the children small canal through the forest to the bird’s nest.
You will hear headphones, eyes to see hundreds of bird species live here. Guests will go up the observation tower 18m high, watching the telescope to feel the endless green of Melaleuca forests and white undulating of thousands of birds of all kinds are breeding and residing there.
Embark on a stressful Mekong Delta 2 Day Tour, you can rest on the hammocks on the floor swung by the wind of the house, far away Melaleuca forests, is the same and the elf seeking bait; Or tourists just relax and fishing, the countryside fun but no less attractive, especially at noon you can enjoy the results of his sentence is what is interesting for.
Have lunch with seasonal dishes such as; Grilled lobster with lotus leaf, Tamarind fish, steamed fish with lemongrass.

I have a pre-sale on this open

Hey everyone,
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This is a year long, comprehensive nutrition program (with optional work out add on) that is perfect for those of you that want to:
Eat healthier but hate diets
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Don’t want to feel deprived
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Want a research based, results driven model to take control of your health.
For you, and anyone you refer, I can offer the year long program for 550 for the year, or 50 bucks a month. This was originally my "friends and family discount", and I don’t know how long I will be offering it for! 

APPLICATION SOFTWARES: These mainly are meant to help your computer

These mainly are meant to help computer users carry out specific tasks using the computer system. They offer various services such as word processing, internet browsing, multimedia players, etc. Specific examples include Microsoft Word, FoxIt PDF Reader, Libre Draw, etc
With the advent of smartphones, we have applications that are more diverse such as those designed for messaging, chatting, photography and dedicated browsing. Specific examples include WhatsApp, 

Fedex officeFacebook and GMail applications.

Short Vacation In Vietnam Center

 You do not know where to go when Hoi An tourism? In Hoi An there are many beautiful free attractions to visit. The first point you can not miss in a day here is to admire the unique architecture of the ancient city, you can walk or bike around the ancient buildings, mossy roof tiles and paper flower shelves beautifully beautiful. Surely these are beautiful places, check in virtual live that many people wished once arrived. In Short Vacation In Vietnam Center there are some attractions such as Bridge Pagoda, Ong Pagoda, ancient houses or ancient houses with the cost of visiting, cost 80k / friend free to conquer the old town. Do not forget to visit some traditional villages such as Silk Village, Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Tra Que Vegetable Village, etc. are some of the interesting places to visit.
In the evening, Hoi An’s touring experience tells you to check out a famous café in Pho Hoi. Sitting on the coffee, watching the romantic scene extremely. Before your eyes as the old roof moss is located close together, enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee and watching the sunset is coming down under the house roof quaint, quietly watching the flow of people up and down busy will You have a lot of new feel in the Hoi town …

So the Red Rocket of Bologna has been replaced, in Barcelona, by this newly refurbished vintage road bike whose color, the bike shop insists

So the Red Rocket of Bologna has been replaced, in Barcelona, by this newly refurbished vintage road bike whose color, the bike shop insists, is Cava, not Champagne 😉
They have this deal where if you return the bike in under a year you get half of what you paid back. So, assuming it isn’t stolen, it costs about 30 Euros more than renting a bike for the month and you get a much cooler bike. That said, I have never owned nor ridden this type of "cooler" bike before and I have discovered that the placement of the brakes makes it very likely that I will crash into an unsuspecting tourist who aimlessly wanders into a bike lane without looking. Wish us all luck.
Green Bikes Barcelona – Rentals & Tours Green Bikes Barcelona – Taller y Venta

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Tour Pu Luong Retreat

Remember Chicano Moratorium 1970:
"When it came to war and the need for cannon fodder, [Latinos] were prime meat."
During the 

Tour Pu Luong Retreat in Vietnam, Chicanos staged the largest anti-war demonstration by any ethnic group in the U.S. – but hardly anyone knows about it.
via Nlg LA
via Karen Pomer

Remembering the Chicano Moratorium

"When it came to war and the need for cannon fodder, [Latinos] were prime meat."During the Vietnam War, Chicanos staged the largest anti-war demonstration by any ethnic group in the U.S. – but hardly anyone knows about it.

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OMG! I thought goodwill took anything!!! I have this huge mirror that’s big as my car so I can’t travel with it and they said they can’t take it for safety hazard reasons‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️(pic in comments) location Reno, Nevada

Another good busy day

Another good busy day. I got a Peloton ride in today, my 261st ride, then did some work with the tomatoes before I head out of town. Straightened them up a little, fertilized, clipped some leaves and branches off. It will be interesting to see what they look like when I get home. I was motivated to walk up to the Arcteryx store and talk to them about my new walking shoes that I really like but the soles are wearing out faster than I expected. They think it is because of how much I have walked since I bought them and walking in a city on concrete will wear them out sooner. I learned I need to switch between other walking shoes more often than I do and maybe pondering getting new shoes more often than I use to 3 to 4 months instead of 4 to 6 months. I will ponder this on my trip before committing to get another pair. It was a excellent walking day today of 21,258 steps according to my Jawbone UP. I was also fortunate to get my glasses checked before the trip, run into Madhavi Padval (always wonderful to see her) and meet two really amazing women at different times during the day, when out and about: Cecilia Gonzales and Clarina Bradshaw. Lucky me, now to get ready to pack for and fly to Amsterdam tomorrow.

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