Wow… so eat fast food to beat Multiple Sclerosis? Is that like pizza parties for cancer? Or BBQ for the cure? Maybe cupcakes for diabetes? Steak for heart disease? Milk for osteoporosis?
Pictures and face-palm reactions from Anthony Brian Serna.
My friend Anthony is traveling in Canada right now to help an 85 year old father diagnosed with diabetes and stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Anthony is restoring his health with Modified vegan Gerson Therapy and Mucusless Diet Healing System incorporating fresh organic 100% plant based vegan and whole food mostly raw with gentle detoxification.
However, if these places are too familiar to you, let’s take Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary 14 days to make your trip more exciting.

10 thoughts on ““BURGERS TO BEAT MS””

  1. It’s a joke, these “Non profit organisations” are making HUGE profits, without a care to the health of people with these diseases. Sick, corrupt, greedy world we live in.

  2. It is so stupid they promote the cause of the disease to raise money for researching pills and procedures. Or cynically smart perhaps.
    The flip side is that nonprofits with the prevention message have a really hard time with sponsors, no beer, fast food, cocacola, etc. Even when they snag a Whole Foods they send processed meat products.

  3. Gah, reminds me of KFC’s money making scam awhile back… buy a super sized, sugar laden soft drink to battle juvenile diabetes. And people fall for it.

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