Do you remember there was a time when Dorothy and Toto got caught in a hurricane and Dot’s house flew away and she hit her head hard and woke up in Oz

Do you remember there was a time when Dorothy and Toto got caught in a hurricane and Dot’s house flew away and she hit her head hard and woke up in Oz? A lot of people insist Oz has a lot of symbolism to mean all kinds of things. That place might as well have been outer space. There’s a load of movies with plot vehicles of headbanger’ amnesia. Oz wasn’t necessarily a euphemism for an alternate universe or spiritual path. Loads of things were inarguably literal, poppies can make you pass out quite nicely for a good long while. A prism can make a rainbow. I would have to work harder than I can afford within the context of a Facebook post to explain the science behind Technicolor because that is a brand and it is branded to a different product in the US than in the U.K. And I have too many U.K. Friends to exclude or confuse them. But in the best metaphor I can give, just imagine a really big set of Prismacolors (TM), the pencils with the most colors in one set that cost a super amount of money and require a special sharpener to get the most appreciable artistic value from all the hues that can be applied to your artwork. Compare that to a little prism. Compare that to a cardboard kaleidoscope. Compare that to one of those massive brass kaleidoscopes you ever saw with all the imaging fractals imaginable that change when you spin them around. Technicolor is nothing like that except in one regard. I am not sure who truly invented and gave his life’s worth in dollars and pounds to die in obscurity for those. It takes balls to invent. And the more innovative it is, AND the more transformative and difficult to break apart and reproduce it is, the more likely no one will ever know you unless they look in the gutter.
This Absolute Beginner has her dear friend Lord Plastic Tenor And The Bovine Licking Stick the thank for their close advisory work that they never were asked to provide me nor paid back for all the gave to do it. <3 This is the Story of Peter Jackyl and the Glassmith. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. == Berol == The Eagle Pencil Company founded in the 1800s in Yonkers, [[New York (state)|New York]] on John Street. After 5 years, Daniel Berozlzheimer’s son Henry purchased the city’s first iron framed building for the new factory. The company produced pens, pencils, pen holders and erasers. In 1897, the London branch confirmed the policy of selling manufactured goods with high quality. Over the years, the company changed focus and goods. In 1952, Margros Ltd was founded by Mr. P.G.Hooley, who invented Powdered Colour and sold it directly to schools. Business grew such that the owners were unable to finance operations adequately, and the company was sold to Eagle Pencil Company in 1967.{{cite web|title=Berol History|url=||accessdate=May 17, 2016}}
The company which later became Osmiroid International was started in 1824 by James Perry who joined his brother in the pen{{nbhyph}}making business. In 1989, the company was bought by Berol Ltd. The Newell Company joined forces with Berol on November 2, 1995. The merging of the two companies made Berol a branch of the Sanford Corporation.