For my Grandparent’s Anniversary

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For my Grandparent’s Anniversary
back on Sunday May 21, 2017…
We did Trivia Questions about
my grandparents, which it did
include one on what was my
Tutu’s favorite movie of all time
and it’s all 3 of “The Godfather”
movies from 1972, 1974 to 1990
since I have a good photographic
memory on what he likes, which
I do recall the 3rd one from 1990
that was a Christmas Hit after the movie “Goodfellas” came out
in the Fall of September back
in that year. (True Story!)
Also we did songs for singing
to them, which at first I couldn’t
come up with one but then I
did by singing “Love Is…” By
Vanessa Williams & Brian McKnight
and then I also did my all-time favorite
song “That What Love Is For” by
Amy Grant from her 1991 album
“Heart in Motion” and had a duet
with my cousin Tyler Miller who
didn’t understand the lyrics, but
then he did follow along from
singing with me…
I would imagine if some other
family members or family-friends
from Church would dedicate a song
to me from “KOST 103.5FM” as
a love song if they even listen
to that radio station that I’ve
grew up with all my life since 1991,
way before we even had SIRIUS XM
later used in come cars and on