Hello everyone

Hello everyone!!! I know I have been absent for a long time. Life has just gotten crazy to the point where I couldn’t keep up with my author life and my real life. And as much as I wanted to sink into my writing, it just wasn’t possible. But as hard as it was to walk away, please know that it was nothing against anyone. The M/M community is one of the best I ever could have asked to be a part of. And that is why I want to share my journey of a lifetime with you.
This whole thing started last year. My ex dumped me after he had already given me a ring. It devastated me. But little did I know that was the catalyst for my life changing. My best friend, whom I happened to work with, was there. K was my rock, holding me up as my world crumbled around me. Somehow things didn’t seem so bad and my life didn’t feel like it was ending. Group events slowly turned into non-dates hanging out on the sofa and talking about our lives. And it wasn’t long before we crossed that line from friendship into something more.
For us, it didn’t take long before we realized we had something special. The fact that we had been friends first just gave us the best foundation you could ever ask for. We started to spend more and more time together. It wasn’t long before he asked me to marry him and we bought a house together.
Now if that were a sappy, cuddly romance novel it would end the story. But we know (and often write) that romance is never that easy.
You see, as all of this happiness was going on there were serious issues going on that I was only vaguely aware of. My family grew more and more cold towards K. The holidays were a disaster and they always seemed to separate us. This all came to a climax in May when I called them out on it. Long story short, I was forced to make a choice. My blood family or K.
Now naturally, I chose K. But what is not always clear is just how much you give up. My entire family turned against me. I had to give up a lot of things from my childhood, left behind in my parents’ house. I don’t feel comfortable going to any place I did when I was growing up for fear I will see them and it will cause problems. But that was all worth it because I had him. I just wanted a happy life with him.
But sadly, that was not the end. Soon after, I discovered my parents had not stopped there. They started spreading horrible rumors about us that cost me my friends and all of my mutual connections with my parents.
Now please understand I am leaving a lot of details out. I am telling all of this not for advice or judgement just so you understand the basics. It has been a rough few months that has made it hard to get back into writing.
But through all of the stress and heartache, in some ways this has also been the best time of my life. I get to wake up with my best friend everyday. I have someone to cuddle with and love. And if that wasn’t enough we even got a little puppy we can love and raise together.
Now things are still hard for us. We are still fending off horrible rumors and people we barely know are passing judgment on us when we least expect it. But we are fighting on. We are bound and determined to have a wedding that is special to us no matter how few people we invite. It has not been easy, especially considering how low our funds are from starting out and now having no familial support. But we will survive. We are bound to be together and we will never stop fighting for happiness.
So that’s my story. I hope that explains were I have been. I don’t quite know when I will be back to my full author status or when I will write again. (It’s hard to write romance novels when you are trapped in one.) But know that I am still here in spirit and I never forgot about any of you. Thank you for listening.