It is now known as the last royal palace of Burma’s last monarchy. Built of wood between 1857 and 1859, as part of the founding of the new Royal Mandalay capital of Mindo.
For the most part, the palace is designed in a traditional style. Situated on a square of 413 hectares, this palace was built inside a solid fortified wall and surrounded by a beautiful water moat.


Mandalay Palace is the main royal residence of King Mindo and King Thibaw – the last two kings of the country. Should all parts be magnificent, built of teak and gilded and reddish. Wall system 2 km long, 8 m high, 3 m thick, with 48 launchers. There are 12 doors representing 12 zodiac signs. Each wall has 3 doors divided by the even spacing between the door and the corners. On the outside, there is a moat 64 m wide, 4.5 m deep. It is believed that, under the previous moat, there was a system of pestilence, in order to trap the enemy in case of attack.
Not only that, from the construction of high walls solid with ramparts, moats, water systems, roads, gardens with shady trees, playgrounds, swimming pools, mints, security gate The infantry, the cavalry, the archers, the artillery, the camp, the stables, the audience, the throne room, the religious residence and the monastery and the moral hall were meticulously planned Including various buildings: clock tower, relic tower, Supreme Court, royal tomb, audience hall, lion room, glass palace.
The reflection of Mandalay on the eastern moat is a beautiful sight to view from the southeast corner. The panorama of the palaces and surrounding areas, to the Mandalay hills in the sunset will be a fascinating experience.

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