I have a pre-sale on this open

Hey everyone,
I have a pre-sale on this open, but I am also offering an even lower price to my friends, and folks they refer because I would rather have a bunch of clients paying less who really want the help, than only taking on people who can pay the full price a couple of times a year. Go to Six flags
This is a year long, comprehensive nutrition program (with optional work out add on) that is perfect for those of you that want to:
Eat healthier but hate diets
Want guidance and coaching but you don’t like the idea of one on one coaching/can’t afford it.
Don’t want to feel deprived
Want to learn lifelong skills, rather than just be told what to eat or cut out.
Want a research based, results driven model to take control of your health.
For you, and anyone you refer, I can offer the year long program for 550 for the year, or 50 bucks a month. This was originally my "friends and family discount", and I don’t know how long I will be offering it for! 

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