If you have a young entrepreneur

If you have a young entrepreneur, I highly suggest signing them up for the Acton Children’s Business Fair! This is one of the most exciting experiences my Lil entrepreneur has had!
Basically, your little one creates a business plan with a product to sell and applies for a booth for a minimal cost ($10 I think). The kids do all the selling and keep all the profits!
This program will ignite your child’s entrepreneurial passions!
This is my youngest, age 5, Kindergarten. There are 3 different awards per age group if I remember right. She won for her age group for Most Profitable Business! I feel as though she won just from the experience she gained.
The deadline to apply is September 21st for the Austin TX area fair. They do have fairs in other locations too!
I am in no way affiliated with this fair, I’m only sharing because it’s something I really believe in.
Link to Austin Acton Children’s Business Fair information: https://www.childrensbusinessfair.org/austin
Link to the main page: https://www.childrensbusinessfair.org/