If you’re reading this

If you’re reading this, it means that you are probably a longtime reader and friend of mine, whose presence on this Facebook page has meant a lot to me over the years. Never was this more evident to me than in the last thirteen months, since my husband Jim’s diagnosis with pancreatic cancer, when–truly–it was the words of readers and friends here that often sustained me.
Last week, I shifted my Facebook presence to something called an “Author Page”. I made this change reluctantly. But I had long since passed the 5000-friend limit, and was hearing from so many readers who wanted to be friends, but could not. (And when I looked over my Friend list to see who I might eliminate, so I could accept some new ones, I was surprised to see that actually, in some way, I knew nearly every one on my friend list, and didn’t want to eliminate anyone.)
So…the big migration took place. And I DID get a great many new friends who have been telling me how happy they are that they can now not only read my posts but respond to them. The disturbing part of this was that many old friends could not find me on Facebook any more , evidently. (This actually included my own husband, who searched for an hour without success.)
Finally, we figured out a solution . I’d send friend requests to you all, (actually, Jim did) and then, once I found you, I’d invite you to the new page. Though you can’t be an official “friend” on this page, if you “Like” the page, I will still receive updates about you on my news feed. Hearing a little about what is going on in the lives of my many readers in far flung places (and down the road) is an important part of my day and I want that to continue.
Of course you can also still post messages on my page. I may not be able to respond to them all, but I read every single one.
And though there will be more members of this new Facebook community, I have no intention of changing its content. I will still be posting stories of my life and adventures, including my struggles. (A lot of those.) I will always write as if I am speaking with friends. Because , in fact, I am .
so, here’s a link to the new page. I hope I see you there.