I’m reaching out to all my friends

I’m reaching out to all my friends, colleagues, compatriots, and co-workers in the L.A. area.
While I am currently working on a few freelance writing and game design projects, my “day job” (freelance copywriting for a company that manages rental properties) is just not delivering the monies we so desperately need right now.
Over the past few weeks, I have applied for copywriting, writing/producing, production coordination, and copy editing gigs around town and while several of those have been PERFECT fits for me (amazing when you read job descriptions like that), so far I’m batting a big, fat “0.”
If anyone has any leads for possible work (even short-term), I’d love to hear from you!
And not only am I a published and produced (and award-winning) writer/producer and copywriter, I’ve also proofread DOZENS of published products, designed games, worked as a voice actor, produced audio content, and worked in the practical special FX industry as a mechanic and puppeteer!
Thank you! Now back to the kitten pics. 🙂