~ Interview with Elijah Ray

~ Interview with Elijah Ray
After a number of amazing encounters with this man and some tantalising conversations I am excited to finally publish this interview.
“I never doubted music as a path, but I doubted if the world is ready for the kind of music I want to make.”
Highly recommend to everyone who’s following their heart in the world, creating their own way and supporting conscious evolution. Elijah now tours globally playing at the worlds biggest consciousness events, and he takes us back in time to talk about some of his doubts and challenges to getting where he is now.
Our topics included…:
– The Power Of The Word (Congruence & Responsibility) [Vid2]
– Following Your Heart & Being A Pioneer [Vid 3]
– Staying Present & Supporting Each Other .. [Vid 4]
– Spontaneity, Fun, Imagination & an Energetic Gift [Vid 5]
My favourite bit is the 5th Video, lol… we go completely out of the box to any traditional ‘interview’ techniques – it’s interesting and fun to say the least.
I’ve been watching the thought of doing these interviews in the back of my mind for a while. I quite often find myself in conversations where Im asking non-traditional questions and pull things out of the field. So, there may be more of these coming. 😉 The intention as outlaid in the first intro vid was not a traditional Q&A but a discourse and exploration of what shows up when we lead from intention.
If you know anyone who could benefit, please share, tag etc. <3 Big thanks to Amel Tresnjic & Dan A'Vard for the audio tech advice 😉 Christine Cole feel you will enjoy the 5th video 😉