Len Update: Len had an excellent day at rehab yesterday

Len Update: Len had an excellent day at rehab yesterday. He was supposed to have a surgical procedure on his toe which was postponed until today. The current estimate for his release from rehab is mid-April (in time for Janis Ian and Bill Prady coming over for Easter dinner), but they will be doing another evaluation tomorrow. While he won’t be running marathons in two weeks, I expect he will be able to walk from the car to the house and climb the two steps he needs to get up to get to his office and finish the deadlines he’s got waiting.
If you have sent him any emails which need prompt attention, I have found his email to be a disgusting mess. He has not learned that he should have a separate account for every freaking notice he gets from THR, FB, on-line stores, etc. I certainly apologize for not being able to get back to everyone, but I am sure you understand.
If you have anything to do with SDCC, Len did not get a professional badge sign-up notice and today I found out his member status needs professional verification. This is after he’s been assured he never has to do this again because he is a permanent member of the convention, an Inkpot winner, and an Eisner Hall of Fame honoree. (Left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, I am sure.) I’ve sent a notice to Comic-con, but got an auto response about how long it is taking to get back to complaints. We could wait until we get there in July, but then people don’t know he’s planning on attending and don’t bother getting in touch with him for panels. Thanks for any help on this.–Christine Valada