Mekong Delta 2 Day Tour

Down the paddle on the boat with the three beautiful girls, tourists enjoy the birds of heaven sky fish fish immense, pink lotus covered the water, turn the clump of green dust off the core on the children small canal through the forest to the bird’s nest.
You will hear headphones, eyes to see hundreds of bird species live here. Guests will go up the observation tower 18m high, watching the telescope to feel the endless green of Melaleuca forests and white undulating of thousands of birds of all kinds are breeding and residing there.
Embark on a stressful Mekong Delta 2 Day Tour, you can rest on the hammocks on the floor swung by the wind of the house, far away Melaleuca forests, is the same and the elf seeking bait; Or tourists just relax and fishing, the countryside fun but no less attractive, especially at noon you can enjoy the results of his sentence is what is interesting for.
Have lunch with seasonal dishes such as; Grilled lobster with lotus leaf, Tamarind fish, steamed fish with lemongrass.

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