November 7th we have Maura Weiler as a speaker at our Conference

November 7th we have Maura Weiler as a speaker at our Conference. Check out her quote on writing!
“Creative writing is ridiculously difficult to make a living at. If you are equally interested in writing and some other thing, do that other thing instead, because writing can break your heart.” This is an excerpt from an interview I did on
That said, if you, like me, can’t not write, then make sure you do it. You know who you are. Even if you’re a champion procrastinator, you’re also the one who loses track of time and space once you get started, don’t want to stop when you have to, and get a profound sense of satisfaction after having done it. Besides, if you’re in this category, avoiding your need to write requires more energy and causes more misery than actually writing, scary as it is. Along with the heartbreak, writing has brought me more joy than I could have imagined.
Finally, be confident in yourself. I’m not saying scorn constructive criticism or be sloppy. I’m saying put in the time and work hard, all the while believing in your core that you can write as well as anyone else. You wouldn’t feel so driven to do this if you weren’t good at it.”…/annual-conference/conference/