Another good busy day

Another good busy day. I got a Peloton ride in today, my 261st ride, then did some work with the tomatoes before I head out of town. Straightened them up a little, fertilized, clipped some leaves and branches off. It will be interesting to see what they look like when I get home. I was motivated to walk up to the Arcteryx store and talk to them about my new walking shoes that I really like but the soles are wearing out faster than I expected. They think it is because of how much I have walked since I bought them and walking in a city on concrete will wear them out sooner. I learned I need to switch between other walking shoes more often than I do and maybe pondering getting new shoes more often than I use to 3 to 4 months instead of 4 to 6 months. I will ponder this on my trip before committing to get another pair. It was a excellent walking day today of 21,258 steps according to my Jawbone UP. I was also fortunate to get my glasses checked before the trip, run into Madhavi Padval (always wonderful to see her) and meet two really amazing women at different times during the day, when out and about: Cecilia Gonzales and Clarina Bradshaw. Lucky me, now to get ready to pack for and fly to Amsterdam tomorrow.

Besides Peloton, if you still want to discover more about Asia, a Cam Thanh water coconut village tour will be an ideal choice for you.
To explore more things around the world, please visit the site:
Or if you intend to visit Southeast Asia, the site below will help you:


Wow… so eat fast food to beat Multiple Sclerosis? Is that like pizza parties for cancer? Or BBQ for the cure? Maybe cupcakes for diabetes? Steak for heart disease? Milk for osteoporosis?
Pictures and face-palm reactions from Anthony Brian Serna.
My friend Anthony is traveling in Canada right now to help an 85 year old father diagnosed with diabetes and stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Anthony is restoring his health with Modified vegan Gerson Therapy and Mucusless Diet Healing System incorporating fresh organic 100% plant based vegan and whole food mostly raw with gentle detoxification.
However, if these places are too familiar to you, let’s take Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary 14 days to make your trip more exciting.

5 days in Myanmar

Ok this is bizarre. I’ve not heard of this before. It’s nuts. Sorry for the tourist. She gambled, and lost her life. Don’t forget to join in our 

5 days in Myanmar  to discover this beautiful country. 

This is too funny not to share

This is too funny not to share. Thanks Pamela Brandon-Barrett
Sorry if this offends anyone but football season is upon us and this is just fair warning lol. . .Since the football countdown is under one month, I guess it’s time to mention the pre-college football season warnings. None of these are meant to be a personal attack, but each of you have been warned.

1. I will NOT attend ANYTHING past noon on Saturdays unless you have NCAA football on a television.
1a: Television must be a minimum of 50" diagonal with a minimum resolution of 1080p. Events containing ultra-high definition televisions within a direct line of sight will take priority over those that do not.
1b. Events with Tennessee football take priority over all other events, regardless of TV size and definition.
1c. Events with SEC football will take priority over all other events except 1b.
2. I will be high strung, loud, and obnoxious if you are around me while Tennessee is playing. Things may/may not be thrown. If any of your belongings are damaged I will repair/replace them, but I will not care until after the post-game analysis.
3. I will wear orange on Friday and Saturday and very likely Sunday *No exceptions*
4. If you somehow coerce me into attending an event by having all of the prerequisites listed in (1) above, be aware that I will sing Rocky Top wherever I am and every time it is played.
4a. In the event that Rocky Top begins during a prayer, I will patiently wait until the prayer is complete before picking up the song. After all, Jesus was a Volunteer.
5. Weddings are for bye weeks (remember, a bye week this year might not be next year so choose your wedding dates accordingly) It’s not my fault you are starting your married life proving to everyone you are a horrible planner. I won’t be there but I will wish you the best of luck as soon as the game is over.
5b. *As soon as the game and the post game show are over*
6. In the event that we are watching a game together, and you are not a Tennessee fan, you will not cheer against Tennessee and I will not cheer against your crappy team. This rule can be confusing to some, but it is explained by saying that you can make positive statements for your team while not making negative cheers against Tennessee.
Example for (6) above: "We need a turnover. Comeon (insert your team’s name here), get the ball back. We need an interception. This statement is fine.
"Tennessee QB will fumble or throw an interception soon. He’s terrible!" This statement will not be fine, and could result in injury.
7. If you try be cute or funny and dress my kids in your teams colors on Saturday I will spray paint your face orange and I will not warn you to close your eyes before I do it. Make sure to get Walmart promo codes 50 off entire order
Thanks for understanding everyone.
Go Big Orange!
Now Vol fans- copy and paste so the rules are made perfectly clear!

Ok I will say

Ok I will say, now I am scared…bad enough to be boarded up and can’t see out and it’s 3 am so dark…it sounds like a train with shit hitting the house… I pray my roof holds and horse’s and chickens are ok… I wish I could be out there with them.. got my 2 dogs, a hospital dog here and 3 of my friends digs along with the 2 goats inside.. they won’t be going potty for another 8 hours….if then….send prayers we all make it through this alive.

Stop criticising the present administration

Stop criticising the present administration,because in their two years time in office they have something to show so far, what have you left to your state of origin and the country in your 8 years in office as a V.p,what have you left for the people of the grassroots level, At least the current Mr President has the excuse of being sick. What is your excuse of not doing anything am listing???.

We could use your help

We could use your help. On December 2nd, we’re having a Huntington’s Disease Online Holiday Auction to help find a cure for Huntington’s Disease. We already have some great items for the auction that you’ll love for yourself or will make great holiday gifts – but we need more.
Do you, your family, friends or maybe workplace, have any terrific items that people would like to bid on? Here are some ideas…
– Electronics or cool tech items
– Sports, theater, concert or special event tickets
– Store, restaurant or other gift cards
– Vacation stays at condos, timeshares, resorts or hotels
– Airline tickets or mileage (especially tied in with vacation stays)
– Fine wine, jewelry, art, autographed memorabilia, etc.
You get the idea. You probably even have some better ideas. You can donate items, bid on items when the auction starts, or both. How will you help us find the cure for Huntington’s Disease?
More info on the online auction will follow. To donate items or for more information please contact me at Thanks!

I usually have balls of steel but having anything medical like injections or scalpels intruding the body is always an

I usually have balls of steel but having anything medical like injections or scalpels intruding the body is always an …. #OOOOOHHHHHWWWWWEEEE moment
Lymphoma Surgery done ✅ … lump is out (saw that too) … already stitched up and now at #Neros for my trusty #CaffineFix ☕️
Haha it’s all good kinda numb in my arm/shoulder, stitches come out in 2 weeks … will definitely fashion out the impending scar … #HappyTuesday