Plan ahead

Plan ahead. Mark your calendars. Invite your pals. Spread the word. Share this post. Several contributors to this anthology from the stolen lands of Toronto will join me at Glad Day Bookshop on November 30 (thx to the organizing efforts of contributor Aj Withers!)
And for folks in other parts of Ontario/Quebec, PM or e-mail me if you want to be looped into a Rebellious Mourning book tour. (Or anyone else for the matter; love to travel, especially to share in conversations about counterposing structural losses with collective mourning and resistance.
#RebelliousMourning #CollectiveWorkOfGrief
#MourningOurDead #FightingLikeHellForTheLiving

If you want to explore more destinations in Asia, a vietnam cambodia tours will be an ideal choice for you.
However, if these places are too familiar to you, let’s take saigon to phnom penh by boat to make your trip more exciting.

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  1. The irony of being in a constant state of grief and mourning and never finishing a piece for this and trying but not being able to string the sentences or ideas together!!! Looking forward to the launch!

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