Recap The Movie on 5/29/2017:

Recap The Movie on 5/29/2017:
“Pirates Of The Caribbean:
Dead Men Tell No Lies” {‘See It!}
Rated: [PG-13] Running Time: 2hrs. 9mins.
Starring: Johnny Deep, Javier Bardem,
Brenton Thwaites, Kaya Scodelario,
Kevin McNally, Geoffrey Rush,
Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley,
and some Cast Members…
ABOUT THE MOVIE: “The storyline
to the 5th installment follows Captain
Jack Sparrow who has the feelings from
the winds of an ill-fortune blowing strongly
his way when the deadly ghosts sailors,
who are led by the very terrifying Captain
Armando Salazar has escaped from
The Devil’s Triangle and now bent on
killing every pirate at sea,
which it’s most likely to include Jack Sparrow also.
So now Jack’s only hope of survival lies within
the legendary Trident of Poseidon, but in order to
find it he must somehow forge with an uneasy
alliance with Carina Smyth, who happens to be
a brilliant and beautiful astronomer and also
Henry Turner, the son of both Will Turner and
Elisabeth Shann (now Turner) who’s now a
headstrong sailor in the Royal Navy.
While at the helm of his pitifully small
but snappy ship called:
The Dying Gull, Captain Jack Sparrow and
his co-traveling followers eventually seek
not only to reverse his recent spate of
ill-fortune, but also save his very life from the
most formidable and malicious foe that
he has ever faced of all time…”
MINOR NOTES: Okay so this is the very
first time I did review on one of the
sequels to “Pirates Of The Caribbean
Trilogy” that started out back in 2003
for “The Curse Of The Black Pearl”,
next came “Dead Man’s Chest” back in 2006,
one year later for “At World’s End” back
in 2007 follow by “On Stranger’s Tide”
back in 2011 and now this one that’s
marked as the 5th one as of this year
2017 that are all both Summer Hit Movies,
not to mention it’s also based on
the actual ride attraction at “Disneyland”
that’s been around since 1967 also.
(True Story!) I’ve seen almost all of them
in theaters since the first one back in
2003 while still in High School till 2006
when later had the 2nd one in that year,
but did not however saw the 3rd one from
2007 or the 4th from 2011 in theaters, which
they all premiere on STARZ Movie Channels
and when they came on as Television Network
Station Premieres, they don’t allow any
of the Post-Credit Scenes to be shown
because of the allotted time capacity like
they always do from skipping parts and
such– “UGH!” Anyway the storyline to
this one dose pick-up the events after
what’s taken from both “At World’s End”
and then “On Stranger’s Tide” after that
and unfortunately Orlando Bloom and
Keira Knightly who played as Will
Turner and Elisabeth Shann-Turner
that were in all 4 of the pervious ones
do NOT appear as if they are now
have cameo appearances only. So
it’s only focus on the now-grown up
Henry Turner who did appeared in
the 3rd one from 2007, but as cameo
in The Post-Credit Scene only as
preteen kid (played by Dominic Scott Kay).
But we do see Captain Jack Sparrow (played
by Johnny Deep as always) along with the
new crew members like Carina Barbossa who’s
an astronomer (played by Kaya Scodelario),
also Captain Armando Salazar who’s the
headleader to the undead ghost pirates
that commands the pirate ship called:
“The Silent Mary” that will stop at
nothing to put Jack Sparrow and
the crew out of their lives for good
from reaching the legendary trident
and many others too. Now I cannot
say very much about the whole movie,
but this is one of the best Disney movies
of all time although we got “Cars 3”
playing later on June 16, 2017 so that later,
not to mention it beats the crap out of
“Baywatch” (2017 Movie) that I still
need to see in theaters whether you all
like or not, but unfortunately “Alien: Covenant”
is still holding it’s ranks as the #1 movie of
all time in just 1 week (don’t listen to the
any of the negative reviews that try
to trick you from NOT seeing it), so
I think this is the #1 movie for you all to
see in theaters if you all saw the previous
ones from 2003, 2006, 2007 & 2011 and
did or did NOT stay after ‘The Ending Credits’
for seeing ‘The Post-Credits Scenes’ that
all 4 of them had also. The 3D Version is
perfect especially if you go to a certain
Movie Theater that has a Dine-In for
you all to order food or drinks (including
dessert shakes or whatever) not to mention
there is Special Seatings also that always
constantly gets in the way when you hate having
the ones that are not in good position too.
The kids will love it especially the ones
who are tweens, preteens & teenagers also,
my verdict is “See It!” and yes you all
must stay after ‘the ending credits’ are
done for “The Post-Credit Scene” that
has a recognizable character that I cannot
tell who it is, so stay after ‘the ending credits’
are done to see it and I MEAN IT! SINCE
(Don’t be shaking your heads at me
in disagreements, because I’m serious
from dead to rights on what’s true!)
“Go See This Movie!!” Oh yes! I
just know it’ll be on NETFLIX instead
of STARZ Movie Channels once it
comes out DVD/Blu-Ray Combo
Pack Edition after that… UGH!!