Finished your book… Good stuff! Of course I like the Civil War aspects of the story… but I think the angel scenes worked very well. The Angel of Death character/action was very good. The way you handled him and the scythe and the souls going up to Heaven or down to Hell was very good. Almost on par with Phillip Jose Farmer’s “On a Pale Horse”. Both you and Farmer play up the significance of the Angel of Death’s role in the grand scheme of things very well. A little more description of some of the Civil War commands and phrases would be a good addition. I liked the ending with everything getting wrapped up story wise. (Including the wagon ride at the end…great stuff.) My only complaint is I wanted the book to go on some more… good story… good read! I also would like you do more Civil War fiction, (I’m a fellow Civil War/history nut what can I say?)
Keep ’em coming!
Thank you, Chuck for reading my book and giving me your great input.