So, with NSSM over, look soon for reviews of Timothy Schaffert’s The Singing and Dancing Daughters of God, Amelia Gray’s Isadora, and Guy Delisle’s Hostage and most likely a week or so from now a review of the Everett novel so it will be right before publication date. The Jac Jemc’ The Grip of It, we’ll hold off until July probably and the same with the review of David Abrams’ Brave Deeds. Hoping to score an interview or two in that time as well. And also turning an eye back toward discussions with a couple of smarter than myself author/readers of Dana Johnson’s latest collection (I was afraid that was going to get lost during NSSM and so bumped it out a bit). And don’t forget, Dzanc Books has recently published fantastic books by Peter Markus, Amy Benson, Lance Olsen, Josh Emmons, and Emma Smith-Stevens and has more great titles coming soon.