#takemywife has gotten another blurb in the NY Times

#takemywife has gotten another blurb in the NY Times. I don’t know how many times it’s cool to post about a show you worked for but I hope you watch it because it was the kind of show where @djziggyzeke didn’t get a trailer, it was so low budget, and so he took naps between the costume racks and we didn’t have enough money for lights for exterior night shots so @filmandy and @alienrubinfeld and their crews rushed out and bought a ton of Christmas lights to hang all over trees. We were scrappy and every person who worked on it gave so much heart except that creepy grip with the ponytail and harem pants. I’m proud of that.

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  1. To his credit… that creepy grip with harem pants convinced me not to go with harem pants as my look for summer, so he wasn’t a total loss.

  2. Actually didn’t know about this harem pants guy but I remember him because I met him on my day on set and he had a VERY wet handshake and I wondered what that set dynamic was. I saw him a few weeks ago in Hollywood and made a beeline to anywhere but towards him.

  3. All of the times. Post about it ALL OF THE TIMES. Every time I see your name in the credits I yell “SHAUNA!” at my husband and dog.

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