This is the best really long sentence I have read in years

This is the best really long sentence I have read in years. FB won’t even let me share it in it’s exuberant entirety. Thinking of making an assignment where students experiment with how long they can make a sentence and still have it be a good sentence.
“So that if you’re sitting in the backseat of a late-nineties Pontiac Bonneville, being driven around the Atlanta suburbs so that your boyfriend—“romantic affiliate,” he was calling himself, at the time—can spend time with his boyhood best friend, who works nights and has to pay his probation officer that afternoon, but who then spends the rest of the afternoon trying to hustle your boyfriend/affiliate into footing the bill for a Percocet prescription, which involves a visit to a doctor who will write a prescription for fifty dollars and whose strip mall office bears the sign YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR with the F in FAMILY hanging askew, and then having given up on getting your boyfriend/affiliate to agree to funding said prescription, basically kidnaps your boyfriend and you along on a trip to pick up said prescription, never stopping the car until he parks it at Kroger, where the prescription is not available in an hour as promised, or even an hour later—a delay spent at Hick’ry House eating BBQ and then the Taco Mac sports bar drinking Budweisers, but even so a delay that becomes to your whatever, affiliate, absolutely excruciating, and ends in[…]”
Excerpt From: Dombek, Kristin. “The Selfishness of Others.” Farrar, Straus and Giroux. iBooks.
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