was going through some pictures the other day and this one of #Namibia #Africa caught my eye

was going through some pictures the other day and this one of #Namibia #Africa caught my eye…like hearing a song that brings us back to a memory, the circumstances i was in when taking it flooded my mind… #Johannesburg #SouthAfrica in the nineties, beginning of my career as an actor, filming a B #scifi film during the weeks prior to the election of #NelsonMandela.
I had been there the year before filming a western when Nelson was campaigning and due to the generosity of #MartinSheen had the opportunity to meet him with a few other cast. Martin inviting us to accompany him still inspires me when I think about it. We visited with Nelson for 45 minutes, I was in my 20’s and the impact Nelson’s spirit had on me was and is still one of the most important experiences of my life. His warm smile, genuine kindness, and childlike innocence combined with his strength, courage, and powerful character went to the core of me. He was an unbroken joyful human powerhouse… even though he had lived through the kind of unspeakable damages corrupt individuals who end up running government inflict on the people they govern in their pursuit of power and personal enrichment.
He rose above it, stayed on the track of a higher consciousness and carried an entire country with him to a new reality.
After leaving his office while riding beck to our hotel I started involuntarily weeping…i remember thinking to myself ‘what is happening to me?’ I apologized to the others in the car cause I couldn’t stop myself. Martin was sitting in front of me, he turned and gently said something very close to ‘no need to apologize Walker, you’ve just met one of the most forgiving human beings on earth and its deeply moving, I’ve been where you are before, let yourself cry’. The memory of it still makes me weep with gratitude and inspires me to reach higher personally…to remember his admonitions to not hide our power and play it small by staying in the background avoiding, but rather to recognize we all have an impact on the world around us. To be courageous and not to give in to internal corruption or dominance by corrupt individuals. To stand up and be responsible for something greater than ourselves. #Grateful right now to be able to write this.
Back to the picture, we had to leave our location in South Africa because of the potential violence occurring during the elections and finished shooting in Namibia. The desert was a beautiful & peaceful place. There were locusts the size of small birds! I’d let them sit on my hand and eat cookies. What a trip! Gotta find that picture & share it! We flew back to #Joberg after Nelson became president and I recall feeling grateful to have been in that part of the world again at that time. #love #kindness #grace #integrity #character #courage #responsibility